1. 31 May, 2016 1 commit
  2. 25 May, 2016 1 commit
    • Kjell Ahlstedt's avatar
      Update to be more compatible with glibmm 2.47.6 and later · db08358e
      Kjell Ahlstedt authored
      * gdk/src/types.hg: Glib::ScopedPtr has been deprecated. To be able to build
      gtkmm with GLIBMM_DISABLE_DEPRECATED, copy Glib::ScopedPtr to Gdk::ScopedPtr.
      * gdk/src/types.ccg:
      * gtk/src/clipboard.ccg:
      * gtk/src/colorselection.ccg:
      * gtk/src/rc.ccg:
      * gtk/src/widget.ccg:
      * demos/gtk-demo/example_dialog.cc: Use Gdk::ScopedPtr instead of
      * gtk/src/menushell.ccg: Glib::Refptr::operator bool() has been made explicit.
      It's no longer used in item != 0, where item is a RefPtr. Change the
      expression to the equivalent !!item.
      Even with these changes it's not unproblematic to build gtkmm2 with a new
      version of gmmproc, because _CLASS_BOXEDTYPE and _CLASS_GOBJECT generate
      move operators but gtkmm2 does not require a C++11 compiler.
  3. 14 Aug, 2015 1 commit
  4. 02 Jul, 2015 1 commit
    • Kjell Ahlstedt's avatar
      Add #includes needed with glibmm newer than 2.31.0. · 185abd36
      Kjell Ahlstedt authored
      	* gdk/src/color.hg:
      	* gdk/src/pixbufanimationiter.hg:
      	* gdk/src/pixbufformat.hg:
      	* gdk/src/rectangle.hg:
      	* gdk/src/rgbcmap.hg:
      	* gdk/src/types.hg:
      	* gtk/src/enums.hg:
      	* gtk/src/main.hg:
      	* gtk/src/papersize.hg:
      	* gtk/src/textattributes.hg:
      	* gtk/src/treemodel.hg: Add individual includes now that gmmproc does not
      	add #include <glibmm.h> at the top of every generated header.
      	* gtk/gtkmm/border.h: Add #include <gtk/gtk.h> to make
      	glibmm/tools/test_scripts/testheaders.sh happy.
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  12. 26 Sep, 2010 1 commit
    • Murray Cumming's avatar
      gdkmm: Visual: Added methods. · 380ae053
      Murray Cumming authored
      	* gdk/src/visual.hg: Added get_visual_type(), get_depth(), get_byte_order(),
      	get_colormap_size(), get_bits_per_rgb(), get_red_pixel_details(),
      	get_green_pixel_details(), get_blue_pixel_details(), which are already in
      	git master.
      	* tools/m4/convert_gdk.m4: Added enum conversion.
  13. 24 Sep, 2010 1 commit
    • Murray Cumming's avatar
      gdkmm: Screen: Added signals and properties. · 396e5a36
      Murray Cumming authored
      * gdk/src/gdk_signals.defs: Regenerated by taking the part of the
      extra_defs_gen output for GDK.
      * gdk/src/screen.hg: Added composited_changed() and monitors_changed()
      signals, but with no default signal handlers, to avoid breaking ABI.
      Added font-options and resolution properties.
  14. 14 Sep, 2010 1 commit
    • Murray Cumming's avatar
      Dealt with some TODOs. · c98a6b5a
      Murray Cumming authored
      * configure.ac: Depend on the latest GTK+ 2.21.x release.
      * gdk/src/drawable.hg: Do not deprecate draw_indexed_image() because
        GdkRgbCmap is not fully deprecated.
      * gdk/src/rgbcmap.[hg|ccg]: Only deprecate the methods, not the class,
        as in the C API.
      * gtk/src/menuitem.[hg|ccg]: Added unset_submenu().
      * gtk/src/papersize.[hg|ccg]: Added get_paper_sizes().
      * gtk/src/printoperation.[hg|ccg]: Added run_page_setup_dialog() overloads
        with no PageSetup parameter, because the C API allows this.
        These must be moved into the class in gtkmm 3.
      * gtk/src/style.hg: Added copy().
      * gtk/src/iconset.hg: Added class documentation based on the C documentation.
      * gtk/src/printsettings.hg: Add the exceptions documentation now that
        it is in the C documentation.
      * gtk/src/statusbar.hg: Added documentation for push() and remove_message().
  15. 13 Sep, 2010 4 commits
    • Murray Cumming's avatar
      Make sure that deprecated API is inside an ifdef. · 938590da
      Murray Cumming authored
      * gtk/gtkmm/comboboxentrytext.[h|cc]:
      * gtk/src/notebook.hg:
      * gtk/src/textbuffer.ccg:
      * gtk/src/textbuffer.hg:
      * gtk/src/widget.hg: Put anything documented with @deprecated in
    • Murray Cumming's avatar
      Regenerated C XML documentation. · aebaf989
      Murray Cumming authored
      * gdk/src/gdk_docs.xml:
      * gtk/src/gtk_docs.xml: Regenerated.
      * gdk/src/filelist.am:
      * gdk/src/gdk_pixbuf_docs.xml: Added this, including it in filelist.am.
      Previously it was in gdk_doc.xml.
    • Murray Cumming's avatar
      gdkmm: Avoid most Documentation warnings from gmmproc. · be57941d
      Murray Cumming authored
      * gdk/src/filelist.am:
      * gdk/src/gdk.defs:
      * gdk/src/gdk_extra_objects.defs: Added this *extra_objects.defs file,
      with hand-coded define-object sections, for objects that hide their *Class
      or *Iface struct declarations, which stops h2defs.py from generating
      define-object sections.
      These allows DocsParser.pm to know how to split mentions of C functions into
      the object and the method, so it can guess the C++ method name to mention
    • Murray Cumming's avatar
      Fix compilation errors when disabling deprecated gdkmm API. · 74c2a2fc
      Murray Cumming authored
      * gdk/src/rgbcmap.[hg|ccg]: Use GDKMM_DISABLE_DEPRECATED instead of
  16. 31 Aug, 2010 1 commit
  17. 30 Aug, 2010 2 commits
    • Murray Cumming's avatar
      gdkmm: Window: Wrap new C functions. · da99186a
      Murray Cumming authored
      * gdk/src/window.hg: Added get_composited(), is_input_only(), is_shaped(),
        has_native(), get_modal_hint(), get_background_pattern(),
        coords_to_parent(), coords_from_parent(),
        get_effective_parent(), get_effective_toplevel(), create_similar_surface(),
        get_accept_focus(), get_focus_on_map().
    • Murray Cumming's avatar
      gdkmm: Color: Deprecate rgb_find_color(). · 290b5356
      Murray Cumming authored
      * gdk/src/color.[hg|ccg]: rgb_find_color(): Deprecate this because it
        is deprecated in GTK+.
  18. 29 Aug, 2010 3 commits
    • Murray Cumming's avatar
      gdkmm: Wrapped new Device and Display methods. · c65f8809
      Murray Cumming authored
      	* gdk/src/cursor.hg: Added get_cursor_type().
      	* gdk/src/device.[hg|ccg]: Added get_key(), get_axis_use(), get_n_axes().
      	* gdk/src/gdk_pixbuf_methods.defs: Regenerated with h2defs.py
      	* tools/m4/convert_gdk.m4: Added DeviceManager conversions.
      	* gtk/src/widget.hg: Added const version of get_accessible().
    • Murray Cumming's avatar
      Regenerated function .defs files. · 06be6513
      Murray Cumming authored
      * gdk/src/gdk_methods.defs:
      * gtk/src/gtk_methods.defs: Regenerated.
    • Murray Cumming's avatar
      Gdk: RgbCMap: Deprecate. · b7e537cc
      Murray Cumming authored
      * gdk/src/rgbcmap.[hg|ccg]: Deprecate this because it is deprecated in
      GTK+. This fixes the build with fatal warnings.
  19. 13 Jul, 2010 2 commits
    • Murray Cumming's avatar
      Even more work on the undef in box.hg. · 14652b4a
      Murray Cumming authored
      * gdk/gdkmm.h:
      * gtk/gtkmm.h:
      * gtk/src/box.hg:
      * gtk/src/main.hg:
      * gtk/src/table.hg:
      * gtk/src/textiter.hg:
      * gtk/src/treemodel.hg:
      * gtk/src/treeviewcolumn.hg: Rearrange includes to make it more likely
          that applications will be able to build with deprecated API disabled and
          warnings as errors.
          However, this is just impossible to do completely, because any other header
          (such as goocanvasitem.h via goocanvasmm) might include gtk/gtk.h first.
    • Murray Cumming's avatar
      Fix the build with warnings-as-errors with the latest gtk+ 2.22.x. · 6fde9b65
      Murray Cumming authored
      * gdk/src/gdk_methods.defs:
      * gdk/src/gdk_pixbuf_methods.defs: Regenerate with h2defs.py.
      * gdk/src/color.[hg|ccg]: Move ColorTraits implementations to the .ccg file.
      * gdk/src/screen.hg: get_name(), get_source(), get_mode(), get_has_cursor():
          Reimplement with the new C functions, instead of using direct struct access.
      * gdk/src/dragcontext.[hg|ccg]: get_source_window(),
          get_destination_window(), get_actions(), get_suggested_action(),
          get_action(): Reimplement with the new C functions, instead of using direct
          struct access.
          get_action(): Deprecate, replacing with get_selected_action().
          Temporarily undef GSEAL_ENABLE to allow use of struct members that that
          have no replacement, to avoid breaking our API.
      * gdk/src/image.hg: get_image_type(), get_visual(), get_width(),
          get_height(), get_bpp(), get_bpl(): Reimplement with the new C
          functions, instead of using direct struct access.
          get_bpp(), get_bpl(): Deprecate, replacing with get_bytes_per_pixel() and
          Addef get_depth().
      * gdk/src/region.hg: Temporarily undef GSEAL_ENABLE to allow use of
          the deprecated GdkSpanFunc type in our API, to avoid breaking our API.
      * gdk/src/bitmap[hg|ccg]:
      * gdk/src/cursor.hg:
      * gdk/src/device.hg:
      * gdk/src/drawable.hg:
      * gdk/src/gc.hg:
      * gdk/src/visual.hg:
      * gdk/src/window.hg: Rearrange includes to let our temporary undefs elsewhere work.
      * gtk/src/box.hg: Temporarily undef GTK_DISABLE_DEPRECATED, so we can
          still use _GtkBoxChild in our API, to avoid breaking our API.
      * gtk/src/activatable.hg:
      * gtk/src/bin.ccg:
      * gtk/src/editable.hg:
      * gtk/src/orientable.hg:
      * gtk/src/printoperationpreview.hg:
      * gtk/src/recentchooser.hg:
      * gtk/src/textiter.hg:
      * gtk/src/treesortable.hg:
      * gtk/src/toolshell.hg:
      * gtk/src/main.hg:
      Do not include gtk+.h. Add prototype declarations instead, as elsewhere.
          Rearrange includes to allow our undefs to work.
  20. 18 May, 2010 1 commit
  21. 13 Apr, 2010 1 commit
  22. 11 Apr, 2010 1 commit