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    gtkmm: Added missing properties. · 06f8af87
    Murray Cumming authored
    	* tools/extra_defs_gen/generate_defs_gtk.cc: Added GtkComboBoxEntry and
    	* gtk/src/gtk_signals.defs: Added the new sections for these widgets.
    	* gtk/src/colorselection.hg: Added color_selection, ok_button, cancel_button,
    	and help_button properties.
    	* gtk/src/combobox.hg: Added popup_shown and button_sensitivity properties.
    	* gtk/src/comboboxentry.hg: Added text_column property.
    	* gtk/src/entry.hg: Added inner_borde, primary_icon_tooltip_text,
    	secondary_icon_tooltip_text", primary_icon_tooltip_markup" and
    	secondary_icon_tooltip_markup properties.
    	* gtk/src/filechooserbutton.hg: Added dialog property.
    	* gtk/src/handlebox.hg: Added snap_edge_set and child_detached properties.
    	* gtk/src/image.hg: Added pixel-size and icon-name properties.
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