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    Updated with h2defs.py Updated with generate_extra_defs, keeping · 7796ce75
    Murray Cumming authored
    2004-02-14  Murray Cumming  <murrayc@murrayc.com>
            * gtk/src/gtk_methods.defs: Updated with h2defs.py
            * gtk/src/gtk_signals.defs: Updated with generate_extra_defs, keeping
            hand-coded changes for the Widget _event signals.
            * gtk/src/gtk_enums.defs: Updated with glibmm/tools/enums.pl.
            * gdk/src/pixbufloader.hg: Added set_size() as wrapper for
            * gtk/src/cellrenderer.hg: Wrapped editing_cancelled() and the
            editing_cancelled signal, for use by CellRenderer implementations.
            * gtk/src/action.hg: Added get_visible(), get_sensitive(),
            is_visible(), is_sensitive().
            * gtk/src/actiongroup.hg: Added set_sensitive(), set_visible(),
            get_visible(), get_sensitive().
            * gtk/src/uimanager.hg: Wrapped the proxy_connected,
            proxy_disconnected, pre_activate, and post_activate signals.
            * gtk/src/widget.hg: Wrapped event_after signal.
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