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    Split off atkmm into its own separate module · a5d84bbc
    Daniel Elstner authored
    * atk/, MSVC_Net200[58]/atkmm/: Delete atkmm subdirectories.
    * configure.ac: Remove module definition of atkmm-1.6.  Adjust the
    pkg-config dependencies to pull in an installed atkmm.
    * **/Makefile.am: Remove references to atkmm from the build rules.
    * docs/reference/Doxyfile.in: Remove references to in-tree atkmm.
    * gtk/{gtkmm,gtkmm-uninstalled}.pc.in: Remove atkmm substitutions.
    * tools/extra_defs_gen/generate_defs_gtk.cc: Remove code to output
    definitions for ATK types.
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