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    gtkmm: Added remaining missing properties. · 55224144
    Murray Cumming authored
    * tools/extra_defs_gen/generate_defs_gtk.cc: Added GtkTreeModelSort.
    * gtk/src/gtk_signals.defs: Added the new section for this object.
    * gtk/src/scalebutton.hg: Added icons property.
    * gtk/src/scrolledwindow.hg: Added window_placement_set property.
    * gtk/src/separatortoolitem.hg: Added draw property.
    * gtk/src/statusicon.hg: Added tooltips, icon-size and icon-size-set
    * gtk/src/toolbutton.hg: Added icon_name property.
    * gtk/src/treemodelfilter.hg: Added child_model and virtual_root properties.
    * gtk/src/treemodelsort.hg: Added model property.
    * gtk/src/treeview.hg: Added tooltip-column property.
    * gtk/src/treeviewcolumn.hg: Added resizable, spacing and sort-column-id
    * gtk/src/widget.hg: Added is_focus and double_buffered properties.
    * gtk/src/window.hg: Added type, startup_id and opacity properties.
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