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    Release JSON-GLib 1.3.2 (snapshot) · 730cc7f4
    Emmanuele Bassi authored
    Changes from 1.2.8:
     • Use Meson as the only build system
     • #773504 - Avoid extra allocations [Garrett Regier]
     • #780550 - meson error looking for python3 [Daniele Forghieri]
     • #769206 - docs: Clarify when NULL might be returned [Matthew Leeds]
     • #766281 - utils/json_from_string: Don't reset user-provided error
                 argument [Heinrich Fink]
     • #758580 - json_reader_is_value returns TRUE for null type but
                 json_reader_get_value throws an error [Robert Ancell]
     • #768788 - Incorrect account of jsonPath syntax in doc [Allin Cottrell]
     • #774688 - json_from_string() could be optimized to avoid copying the
                 root node [Ole André Vadla Ravnås]
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