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Added a section about indentation.

* HACKING: Added a section about indentation.
parent d6f1de34
2006-04-10 Nate Nielsen <>
* HACKING: Added a section about indentation.
2006-04-09 Nate Nielsen <>
* libseahorse/seahorse-pgp-key-op.c:
......@@ -91,5 +91,40 @@ debugging helpers etc...
When used with --enable-debug turns on fatal compile and runtime warnings.
* No gratituous reformatting of code. If you're rewriting much of a function
or file it's okay to reformat it, but reformatting for the sake of it isn't
a good idea.
static int
function (int x, const char *y)
if (func (arg, arg2 + 1)) {
switch (val) {
case XXX:
case YYY:
} else {
y = y * x + 1;
return y;
* For consistency we expand tabs into spaces. This means no tabs in files
unless there's a specific reason for it.
* Spaces between functions and arguments, or macros and arguments.
* Spaces before and after most operators.
* Brace on same line as statement.
* Return value on line before function definition.
* Brace on line after function definition.
* Break long lines where possible.
* '*' goes with variable not type, when declaring a pointer.
last updated 2006-01-24
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