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    Add libsoup-gnome, for new features that depend on GNOME · 537d53e8
    Dan Winship authored
    	* configure.in: Check for libproxy and/or gconf, accept
    	--without-gnome option, output libsoup-gnome-2.4.pc
    	* libsoup-gnome-2.4.pc: pc file for libsoup with GNOME support
    	* libsoup/Makefile.am: build libsoup-gnome.la if so configured
    	* libsoup/soup-gnome.h: base header for libsoup-gnome
    	* libsoup/soup-proxy-resolver-libproxy.c: An implementation of
    	SoupProxyResolver that uses libproxy.
    	* libsoup/soup-proxy-resolver-gconf.c: An implementation of
    	SoupProxyResolver that uses the proxy keys in GConf. Does not
    	completely handle ignore_hosts; this is currently just used as a
    	fallback if libproxy is not available.
    	* libsoup/soup-gnome-features.c: provides
    	SOUP_TYPE_PROXY_RESOLVER_GNOME (abstracting over
    	SoupProxyResolverGConf and SoupProxyResolverLibproxy) and
    	SOUP_TYPE_GNOME_FEATURES_2_26, which adds "all GNOME-specific
    	features in libsoup 2.26", which is currently just the proxy
    	* libsoup/soup-session-async.c (resolved_proxy_addr): set
    	(run_queue): resolve the proxy if !item->resolved_proxy_addr, not
    	if !item->proxy_addr, since the proxy addr might resolve to NULL.
    	* tests/Makefile.am (get_LDADD):
    	* tests/get.c: If we built libsoup-gnome, use it in "get" for
    	automatic proxy support
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