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In order to build Soup, just follow the generic directions in the INSTALL
All changes to Soup must be approved by the maintainers before they can be
commited. Mail your patch (created using diff -u) with a detailed ChangeLog and
a description of changes to*, and do not apply it until it
is approved by Alex or Dick.
Please be sure to follow the GNOME Programming guidelines for all code
submitted. The programming guidelines can be found in the white-papers CVS
To subscribe to the Soup discussion list, send mail with the word "Subject" in
the message body to
Soup is a SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) implementation in C.
It provides an queued asynchronous callback-based mechanism for sending and
servicing SOAP requests, and a WSDL (Web Service Definition Language) to C
compiler which generates client stubs and server skeletons for easily calling
and implementing SOAP methods.
It uses the GLib main loop and is designed to work well with GTK applications.
* Completely Asynchronous
* Connection cache
* HTTP chunked transfer support
* authenticated HTTP, SOCKS4, and SOCKS5 proxy support
* SSL Support using OpenSSL
* Apache module server support
* Client digest authentication
Planned Features:
* Standalone SOAP server support
* SSL Support through Mozilla NSS
* Server digest authentication
* Gconf configuration and proxy integration
* UDDI Support
* Disco support
* GTK or Bonobo object generation
To subscribe to the Soup discussion list, send mail with the word "Subject" in
the message body to
* Licensing for the Soup runtime is LGPL, see COPYING.LIB for more details.
* Licensing for the WSDL compiler is GPL, see COPYING for more details.
* make thread-safe
* Thread safety
* support M-POST
* Support M-POST
X * SoupSerializer
* Authentication Components
* GTK Documentation
* Document
* Simple Soap Example clients and servers (time, updates, ...)
* Test SOCKS, implement v4 authentication
* More SOCKS testing
* implement *simple* response cache
* *Simple* response cache
* use gconf for config data
* Use gconf for config data
* Tutorial Documentation
* Make SoupMessage a generic HTTP engine
* Digest Authentication
* Make SoupMessage a generic HTTP engine (basically just make method settable).
* handle gzip encoded responses, requests
* MS Challenge/Response support
* C++ wrapper
* C++ dynamic stuff using operator overloading
* Bonoboize
Release stuff:
X * Write apache plugin stuff (soup-server)
* Write response code handling stuff, add response userland error
X * clean up
X * fix soup-serializer header file crap.
X * fix soup-serializer SOAP-ENV prefixing, test prefixing.
X * make callback return void? YES. soup_queue_message now takes ownership
X * fix ssl pending bug
X * fix ssl unsecure error crap
X * update tests/*
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