Commit da6c5bb5 authored by Murray Cumming's avatar Murray Cumming


parent 1cc2df4f
2011-02-11 Murray Cumming <>
Node::remove_child(): Fix a use of deleted memory
2.33.2 (unstable):
* Node::remove_child(): Fix a memory management problem introduced in
(Murray Cumming)
* Document::do_write_to_stream(), Schema::set_document(): Check the results from
xmlSchemaNewDocParserCtxt() and xmlSaveFormatFileTo().
(Murray Cumming) Bug #635846 (Markus Elfring)
2.33.1 (unstable):
* (Hopefully) allow separate and multi-threaded libxml2 usage by
AC_INIT([libxml++], [2.33.1],
AC_INIT([libxml++], [2.33.2],
[libxml++], [])
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