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    Improved handling of entity references and processing instructions. · 09a10ea9
    Kjell Ahlstedt authored
    * libxml++/nodes/entitydeclaration.[h|cc]: New files.
    * Makefile.am:
    * libxml++/Makefile.am: Add the new files.
    * libxml++/libxml++.h: Add the new .h file.
    * docs/manual/libxml++_without_code.xml: Add EntityDeclaration in the list
    of node classes.
    * libxml++/document.[h|cc]: Add add_processing_instruction().
    * libxml++/nodes/element.[h|cc]: Add add_child_entity_reference() and
    * libxml++/nodes/entityreference.h: Improve the description of
    get_resolved_text() and get_original_text().
    * libxml++/nodes/node.cc: get_namespace_prefix() and get_namespace_uri():
    XML_ENTITY_DECL has no namespace. Don't try to find it.
    create_wrapper(): Create an EntityDeclaration when type == XML_ENTITY_DECL.
    free_wrappers(): Don't walk the child list when type == XML_ENTITY_REF_NODE.
    * examples/dom_build/main.cc: Add entity declarations and references, and
    processing instructions to the built xml file.
    * examples/dom_parse_entities/example.dtd: Make it compatible with example.xml.
    * examples/dom_parse_entities/example.xml: Add an entity definition that
    contains entity references.
    * examples/dom_parse_entities/main.cc: Print the parsed file both with and
    without entity substitution.
    * examples/dom_parser/example.dtd: Make it compatible with example.xml.
    * examples/dom_parser/main.cc: Add command flag -E (Don't substitute entities).
    Bug #669481
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