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    Use mm-common for reference documentation generation · 80f1307e
    David King authored
    * .gitignore: Update.
    * Makefile.am: Remove SUBDIRS. Make examples build and documentation
    build conditional. Build reference documentation with doc-reference.am
    from mm-common. Add docs/manual/libxml++.pdf target, but do not enable
    it by default. Add autogen.sh and docs/manual/insert_example_code.pl to
    dist_noinst_SCRIPTS. Add docs/manual/html/*.html to
    * autogen.sh: Add --enable-maintainer-mode to arguments passed to
    * configure.ac: Add AM_MAINTAINER_MODE. Add a configure argument to
    enable the build of the examples. Use mm-common macros to add a
    configure argument to enable documentation, and use the glibmm
    tagfile. Check for xmllint and db2latex for DTD validation of the
    DocBook manual and building the PDF documentation, repectively. Remove
    the last non-toplevel Makefiles from AC_CONFIG_FILES.
    * docs/Makefile.am:
    * docs/Makefile_web.am_fragment:
    * docs/manual/Makefile.am:
    * docs/reference/Makefile.am: Remove from repository, and move content
    to Makefile.am.
    * docs/manual/docbook-customisation.xsl: Add DocBook customisation
    * docs/manual/libxml++_without_code.xml: Make validate.
    * docs/reference/Doxyfile.in: Update from mm-common.
    * docs/reference/README: Remove empty file.
    * examples/README: Mention the --enable-examples configure argument.
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