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    Handle attributes with default values correctly. · e9fec24c
    Kjell Ahlstedt authored
    * libxml++/attributedeclaration.[h|cc]:
    * libxml++/attributenode.[h|cc]: New files.
    * Makefile.am:
    * libxml++/Makefile.am: Add the new files.
    * libxml++/libxml++.h: Add the new .h files.
    * docs/manual/libxml++_without_code.xml: Add AttributeDeclaration and
    AttributeNode in the list of node classes.
    * libxml++/attribute.[h|cc]: Make get_value() useful also for default values
    (XML_ATTRIBUTE_DECL). Fix set_value() for attributes in a namespace.
    * libxml++/nodes/element.[h|cc]: get_attribute(): Add description. Don't use
    xmlHasProp(), it ignores namespace.
    * libxml++/nodes/node.cc: get_namespace_prefix(), get_namespace_uri(),
    set_namespace(), create_wrapper(): Add code for XML_ATTRIBUTE_DECL.
    * examples/dom_parser/example.dtd: Add attribute 'title' with default value.
    * examples/dom_parser/example.xml: Add attribute 'title' with explicit value.
    Bug #669635.
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