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2009-03-21 Cosimo Cecchi <>
* examples/ fix the submenu example to make it work
properly once installed.
Patch by Bruce van der Kooij (#559172).
=== 0.5.1 ===
2008-09-16 Johan Dahlin <>
* NEWS: Update
2008-09-16 Johan Dahlin <>
Bug 552534 – nautilus-python should support writing location widget providers
* src/nautilus-python-object.c (nautilus_python_object_get_widget),
* src/nautilus-python.c (nautilus_python_load_file),
* src/nautilus-python.h:
* src/nautilus.defs:
* src/nautilus.override:
Patch by Tim Cole
2008-06-09 German Poo-Caaman~o <>
* examples/
* src/nautilus-python.c:
Fixed hardcoded path for Nautilus extension.
Fixed #527604 (Kjell Braden).
2008-05-31 German Poo-Caaman~o <>
* src/nautilus.defs: Sync the binding with libnautilus-extension.
Fixes #518824 (James Westby)
=== 0.5.0 ===
2008-01-11 Johan Dahlin <>
* NEWS: Update
* examples/
* src/nautilus-python.c: (nautilus_python_init_python):
* src/nautilus-python.h:
* src/nautilus.defs:
* examples/
Add Menu wrapper which makes it possible to implement submenus.
#440026, Lukáš Lalinský, Sylvain Baubeau, Erik Wien
2008-01-11 Scott Tsai <>
reviewed by: Johan Dahlin
* src/nautilusmodule.c (DL_EXPORT):
Initialize gnomevfs, which will prevent nautilus-python from freezing.
Fixes #500996
2008-01-01 Brian Pepple <>
reviewed by: Johan Dahlin
* src/ (nautilus_extensiondir):
* (NAUTILUS_LIBDIR): Fetch nautilus
extension dir from nautilus-extension.pc
Fixes #506759
2008-01-11 Scott Tsai <>
reviewed by: Johan Dahlin
* m4/python.m4 (py_exec_prefix): Allowing the PYTHON_LIB_LOC and
PYTHON_LIBS configure variables to be overriden.
Fixes #505589
2008-01-11 Jonathan Rogers <>
reviewed by: Johan Dahlin
* src/nautilus-python-object.c:
* src/nautilus-python.c: (nautilus_python_load_file):
* src/nautilus-python.h:
Use Py_ssize_t instead of int, so nautilus-python works on Python 2.5
fixes #444366
2006-07-02 Gustavo J. A. M. Carneiro <>
* src/nautilus-python.c (nautilus_module_shutdown): Re-enable
shutting down python to fix bug #345754.
2006-02-19 Gustavo J. A. M. Carneiro <>
* src/ Update to use PYTHON_LIBS/PYTHON_LIB_LOC.
* m4/python.m4: Define also PYTHON_LIB_LOC.
* Use AM_CHECK_PYTHON_LIBS and remove a large chunk
of code that is not really needed.
* m4/python.m4: Copy-paste AM_CHECK_PYTHON_LIBS from gnome-python.
* Fix PY_LIB_LOC to point to $PY_EXEC_PREFIX/lib,
which is where a normal (i.e. not distribution patched) python
installation puts the shared library.
* src/nautilus-python.c (nautilus_python_init_python): Use
PY_LIB_LOC here to open the correct python library (for cases of
prefix != /usr).
* src/ (PYTHON_LIBS): Use PY_LIB_LOC here.
* Remove -L from $PY_LIB_LOC.
* src/nautilus-python.c (np_init_pygobject): Add a missing
PyErr_Print(); for the case when _PyGObbject_API is not found.
(np_init_pygtk): idem.
2006-02-18 Gustavo J. A. M. Carneiro <>
* src/nautilus-python.c (np_init_pygnomevfs): Copy-paste of
init_pygnomevfs from pygnomevfs.h, but changing error handling to
avoid Py_FatalError, so we don't crash nautilus if gnomevfs module
is missing.
(np_init_pygnomevfs): Convert macro to inline function, make it
return TRUE/FALSE on success/failure. Update rest of code to
reflect these changes.
(np_init_pygtk): idem.
(np_init_pygobject): idem.
(nautilus_python_init_python): Call np_init_pygnomevfs instead of
* src/nautilus-python.h: Moved np_init_pygobject and
np_init_pygtk to src/nautilus-python.c.
* src/nautilus-python.c: Refactor to initialize nautilus-python on
demand: python/pygtk/pygnomevfs are not initialized if no python
extension is actually found.
=== 0.4.3 ===
2006-02-15 Gustavo J. A. M. Carneiro <>
* NEWS: Update.
* Bump version.
2006-02-15 Gustavo J. A. M. Carneiro <>
* src/nautilus-python.c (nautilus_module_shutdown): Don't shutdown
Python to avoid a bug that causes nautilus to crash. We should
fix this eventually, but for now...
(nautilus_python_load_dir): Add directory to sys.path here.
(nautilus_python_init_python): Don't manipulate sys.path here,
except to add path for 'nautilus' module, everything else now
taken care in nautilus_python_load_dir. Should fix loading
extensions from the nautilus system dir.
2006-02-14 Gustavo J. A. M. Carneiro <>
* src/nautilus-python.c,
* src/nautilus-python.h: Make debugging messages be activated
through the environment variable NAUTILUS_PYTHON_DEBUG, instead of
the DEBUG preprocessor macro.
=== 0.4.2 ===
2006-02-10 Gustavo J. A. M. Carneiro <>
* NEWS: Update.
* Bump version to 0.4.2.
2006-02-10 Gustavo J. A. M. Carneiro <>
* src/nautilus-python.c (nautilus_python_init_python):
g_module_open, to make the symbols visible in
global namespace. Fixes #327739.
* src/nautilusmodule.c: Missing #include <pygobject.h>.
2006-01-24 Gustavo J. A. M. Carneiro <>
* src/nautilus-python.h (np_init_pygobject): Don't try to set an
exception if PyImport_ImportModule returns NULL. Instead, print
the current exception and issue a g_warning.
(np_init_pygtk): idem. PS: macros that return values behind your
back are _EVIL_.
=== 0.4.1 ===
2005-09-22 Johan Dahlin <>
* examples/
Release 0.4.1
2005-08-28 Gustavo J. A. M. Carneiro <>
* examples/ Indicate how you can also install extensions
in the home dir.
2005-08-27 Gustavo J. A. M. Carneiro <>
* src/nautilus-python.c: s/np_init_pygnomevfs/init_pygnomevfs/
(forgotten from when pygnomevfs.h was removed). Fix a bug
preventing loading of extensions from
2005-08-25 Gustavo J. A. M. Carneiro <>
* examples/ Remove note saying
FileInfo.get_vfs_file_info was not implemented; it is not true at
this moment.
* src/pygnomevfs.h: Removed. Now it is installed by gnome-python.
* src/ Update to use NAUTILUS_PYTHON_{LIBS,CFLAGS}.
(EXTRA_DIST): Remove pygnomevfs.h.
* Call PKG_CHECK_MODULES only one time, store
* examples/ Don't install examples into extensions
dir; they're only examples, not something the user normally would
like to run. Instead, they are installed into the package doc
dir, along with and a README.
* examples/ Add this small file explaining how to
install the examples and how to run a private instance of nautilus
for testing.
2005-08-25 Gustavo J. A. M. Carneiro <>
reviewed by: Johan Dahlin
* src/nautilus-python-object.c:
(nautilus_python_object_instance_init): Assorted memory leak
=== 0.4.0 ===
2005-05-30 Johan Dahlin <>
* Bump version to 0.4.0
2005-05-30 Johan Dahlin <>
* src/nautilus-python.c: (nautilus_python_init_python):
* src/nautilusmodule.c: (initnautilus): Use an environment variable to
ensure the module is only imported from nautilus-python itself.
Fixes bug #161946
2005-05-17 Johan Dahlin <>
* src/nautilus-python-object.c
(nautilus_python_object_get_background_items): Release GIL state.
2005-03-21 Johan Dahlin <>
* src/pygnomevfs.h: Import gnomevfs instead of gnome.vfs
2005-01-08 Johan Dahlin <>
* src/nautilus.override
(_wrap_nautilus_file_info_get_vfs_file_info): Wrap.
* src/pygnomevfs.h: Add from gnome-python, since it's not installed.
* src/nautilus-python.c (nautilus_python_init_python): Check
* src/nautilus-python-object.c: Thread fixes.
2004-12-11 Thomas Vander Stichele <thomas at apestaart dot org>
add spec file
2004-10-08 Johan Dahlin <>
* src/nautilus-python.c (nautilus_python_load_file): Remove unused
variables. Patch by Ross Burton.
* Remove mono leftovers, and add pythondir
so external packages know where it can install stuff. Patch by
Ross Burton
2004-10-05 Johan Dahlin <>
* src/nautilus-python.c (nautilus_python_init_python): Use
Py_IsInitialized instead of saving our own state.
Call PySys_Argv, so functions inside python that excepts sys.argv
to be non NULL work correctly without crashing.
Also require PyGTK 2.4.0 in here. Should find a way of exporting
it from
2004-10-04 Johan Dahlin <>
* examples/ Remove, it shouldn't really be here
Imported to GNOME CVS
The ChangeLog file is no longer used.
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