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    • Florian Müllner's avatar
      mainWindow: Remove excess argument · 1f6db9cd
      Florian Müllner authored
      Meh, this line has been touched a couple of times since commit
      4314b205, but this (sic) always made it through somehow ...
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      Revert "build: Symlink unstable manifest in toplevel" · e4515b77
      Florian Müllner authored
      Keeping the manifest that is intended for hacking separate from the
      ones for the auto-builder is a good idea, however the symlink added
      in commit ce34d2f5 doesn't work, as paths in manifests are relative
      to the manifest itself.
      On the other hand we don't want to maintain two copies of the unstable
      manifest either, so this will require a bit more thought ...
      This reverts commit ce34d2f5.
  12. 08 Apr, 2017 4 commits
    • Florian Müllner's avatar
      build: Symlink unstable manifest in toplevel · ce34d2f5
      Florian Müllner authored
      The nightly manifest is the one that's also intended for development,
      so making it readily accessible in the toplevel under the regular
      application ID hopefully points newcomers to the correct configuration.
    • Florian Müllner's avatar
      build: Rename stable manifest · 80f1be87
      Florian Müllner authored
      The stable manifest is only meant for the autobuilder, not for any
      use in development. Using the plain app ID without any suffix makes
      this blatantly unclear, so append -stable to the name.
    • Florian Müllner's avatar
      flatpak: Move flatpak manifests into flatpak/ · 90f240f4
      Florian Müllner authored
      The manifests are used both to build the stable and nightly flatpaks
      on sdk.gnome.org, and to hack on Polari itself. For the former, adding
      a separate manifest for the stable version to the master branch in
      commit d723af25 made a lot of sense, but unfortunately it has turned
      out confusing for the latter case - users now need to pick the right
      manifest for development, and of course it's the "wrong" one that
      doesn't have any suffix and therefore looks more correct ...
      We'll try to disentangle the two cases a bit to clear that up, starting
      with moving the build configuration for the autobuilder out of the
    • Florian Müllner's avatar
      build: Move meson/ and flatpak/ directories out of build-aux · a23d0c02
      Florian Müllner authored
      build-aux is a dumping ground for autotools-generated files, mixing
      them with non-generated files under version control is a bit icky.
      Using toplevel meson/ and flatpak/ directories seems what most GNOME
      projects are settling on, so do the same.
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