Commit 8e5aeed7 authored by Jens Georg's avatar Jens Georg

Merge branch '118-user-config-dir-is-localized' into 'master'

Resolve "user config dir is localized"

Closes #118

See merge request GNOME/rygel!1
parents 24e76fff 4d341f0f
......@@ -93,8 +93,7 @@ public class Rygel.RootDeviceFactory : Object,
/* We store the modified descriptions in the user's config dir */
var config_dir = Environment.get_user_config_dir ();
this.ensure_dir_exists (config_dir);
this.desc_dir = Path.build_filename (config_dir,
Environment.get_application_name ());
this.desc_dir = Path.build_filename (config_dir, "Rygel");
this.ensure_dir_exists (this.desc_dir);
return true;
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