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    Change the way we use TLS with the RFB protocol after discussions with the · aa594e34
    Mark McLoughlin authored
    2004-02-06  Mark McLoughlin  <mark@skynet.ie>
    	Change the way we use TLS with the RFB protocol after discussions
    	with the RFB maintainers:
    	  + Only use a single extra security type (rfbTLS == 18) which has
    	    been registered with the RFB maintainers rather than the original
    	    rfbTlsWithNoAuth(3) and rfbTlsWithVncAuth(4).
    	  + Negotiation the authentication type (rfbNoAuth or rfbVncAuth) once
    	    the TLS handshake has completed. The authentication type negotiation
    	    is exactly the same format as the security type negotiation.
    	Server changes:
    	* server/vino-server.c: (vino_server_update_security_types):
    	Update for security/authentication types split.
    	* server/libvncserver/auth.c:
    	(rfbAuthListAuthTypes): impl. listing the authentication types.
    	(rfbAuthProcessSecurityTypeMessage): don't start authenticating
    	when the TLS handshake has completed. Instead, just list the
    	security types and wait for a response.
    	(rfbAuthProcessTLSHandshake): ditto.
    	(rfbAuthProcessAuthTypeMessage): begin authenticating with whatever
    	authentication type the client returns.
    	* server/libvncserver/main.c:
    	(rfbAddAuthType), (rfbClearAuthTypes): API for maintaining the
    	authentication types list.
    	* server/libvncserver/rfb/rfb.h: add the RFB_AUTH_TYPE client
    	processing state and add the authTypes list to the server
    	* server/libvncserver/rfb/rfbproto.h: update with details of
    	new TLS security type protocol.
    	Client changes:
    	* client/java/rfb/CConnection.java:
    	(CConnection.addAuthType): function for building up a list
    	of supported authentication types.
    	(CConnection.processSecurityMsg): handle new return values
    	from CSecurity::processMsg().
    	(CConnection.processAuthTypesMsg): impl. negotiating authentication
    	* client/java/rfb/CSecurity.java: (CSecurity): define return values
    	for processMsg() rather than using silly magic numbers.
    	* client/java/rfb/CSecurityNone.java: (CSecurityNone.processMsg): upd.
    	* client/java/rfb/CSecurityTls.java:
    	(CSecurityTls.CSecurityTls.processMsg): re-work so as to not chain
    	up to the authentication implementation.
    	* client/java/rfb/CSecurityVncAuth.java:
    	(CSecurityVncAuth.processMsg): return proper return codes.
    	* client/java/rfb/SecTypes.java: remove the TlsWithNone(3) and
    	TlsWithVncAuth(4) and add the TLS(18) security type which has
    	been registered with the protocol maintainers.
    	* client/java/vncviewer/CConn.java: update for security types
    2004-02-06  Mark McLoughlin  <mark@skynet.ie>
    	* client/java/vncviewer/AboutDialog.java:
    	(AboutDialog.AboutDialog): fix bug #133529 - compile failure
    	because the about dialog text wasn't defined.
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