Commit 5426be5a authored by Alberto Bertogli's avatar Alberto Bertogli

Add notes for upgrading

This patch adds an file containing notes for upgrading
between different versions.
parent 9864f40f
This file contains notes for upgrading between different versions.
As chasquid is still in beta, it is possible that some things change in
backwards-incompatible ways. This should be rare and will be avoided if
## 0.02 → 0.03
* The default MTA binary has changed. It's now maildrop by default.
If you relied on procmail being the default, add the following to
/etc/chasquid/chasquid.conf: `mail_delivery_agent_bin: "procmail"`.
* chasquid now listens on a third port, submission-on-TLS.
If using systemd, copy the `etc/systemd/system/chasquid-submission_tls.socket`
file to `/etc/systemd/system/`, and start it.
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