Commit 644cd63e authored by Alberto Bertogli's avatar Alberto Bertogli

sts: Use keyed fields in io.LimitedReader literal

Flagged by go vet:
internal/sts/sts.go:256: io.LimitedReader composite literal uses unkeyed fields
parent 770a618c
......@@ -253,7 +253,7 @@ func httpGet(ctx context.Context, url string) ([]byte, error) {
// Read but up to 10k; policies should be way smaller than that, and
// having a limit prevents abuse/accidents with very large replies.
return ioutil.ReadAll(&io.LimitedReader{resp.Body, 10 * 1024})
return ioutil.ReadAll(&io.LimitedReader{R: resp.Body, N: 10 * 1024})
var errRejectRedirect = errors.New("redirects not allowed in MTA-STS")
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