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New upstream version 0.3.2


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enabled: true
enabled: true
enabled: true
- "**.go"
- vendor/
- internal/gps/_testdata
- cmd/dep/testdata
- testdata
- internal/gps/internal/pb
# Prevent problems comparing golden files on Windows
**/testdata/** text eol=lf
# general
* @sdboyer
# init
/cmd/dep/init* @carolynvs
/cmd/dep/gopath_scanner* @carolynvs
/cmd/dep/root_analyzer* @carolynvs
/cmd/dep/testdata/init @carolynvs
/cmd/dep/testdata/harness_tests/init @carolynvs
/internal/importers @carolynvs
/analyzer* @carolynvs
/testdata/analyzer @carolynvs
/internal/feedback @carolynvs
# ensure
/cmd/dep/ensure* @ibrasho
/cmd/dep/testdata/harness_tests/ensure** @ibrasho
# status
/cmd/dep/status* @darkowlzz
/cmd/dep/testdata/harness_tests/status** @darkowlzz
/cmd/dep/graphviz* @darkowlzz
# gps caching
/internal/gps/source_cache* @jmank88
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fixes #
fixes #
# dep project generated files to ignore
# if you want to ignore files created by your editor/tools,
# please consider a global .gitignore
# please do not open a pull request to add something created by your editor or tools
language: go
sudo: false
email: false
- stage: test
- go get -u
- npm install -g codeclimate-test-reporter
os: linux
go: 1.9.x
- go test -i ./...
- ./hack/lint.bash
- ./hack/validate-vendor.bash
- ./hack/validate-licence.bash
- ./hack/coverage.bash
- codeclimate-test-reporter < coverage.txt
# YAML alias, for settings shared across the simpler builds
- &simple-test
go: 1.8.x
stage: test
install: skip
script: go test -race $(go list ./... | grep -v vendor)
- <<: *simple-test
go: tip
- <<: *simple-test
os: osx
go: 1.9.x
# brew takes horribly long to update itself despite the above caching
# attempt; only bzr install if it's not on the $PATH
- test $(which bzr) || brew install bzr
# OSX as of El Capitan sets an exit trap that interacts poorly with how
# travis seems to spawn these shells; if set -e is set, then it can cause
# build failures. We're not doing that here, but retain the trap statement
# for future safety.
# Related:
- trap EXIT
- go test -race ./...
- go: 1.9.x
stage: deploy
install: skip
script: skip
- ./hack/build-all.bash
- provider: releases
secure: 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
- release/dep-linux-amd64
- release/dep-linux-amd64.sha256
- release/dep-darwin-amd64
- release/dep-darwin-amd64.sha256
- release/dep-windows-amd64
- release/dep-windows-amd64.sha256
skip_cleanup: true
repo: golang/dep
branch: master
tags: true
# This source code refers to The Go Authors for copyright purposes.
# The master list of authors is in the main Go distribution,
# visible at
# v0.3.2 (Unreleased)
* Add support for importing from [gvt](
and [gb](
* Wildcard ignore support. (#1156)
* Disable SourceManager lock by setting `DEPNOLOCK` environment variable.
* `dep ensure -no-vendor -dry-run` now exits with an error when changes would
have to be made to `Gopkg.lock`. This is useful for CI. (#1256)
* gps: Fix case mismatch error with multiple dependers. (#1233)
* Skip broken `vendor` symlink rather than returning an error. (#1191)
* Fix `status` shows incorrect reason for lock mismatch when ignoring packages.
* Allow `dep ensure -add` and `-update` when lock is out-of-sync. (#1225)
* gps: vcs: Dedupe git version list (#1212)
* gps: Add prune functions to gps. (#1020)
* gps: Skip broken vendor symlinks. (#1191)
* `dep ensure -add` now concurrently fetches the source and adds the projects.
* File name case check is now performed on `Gopkg.toml` and `Gopkg.lock`.
* gps: gps now supports pruning. (#1020)
* `dep ensure -update` now concurrently validates the passed project arguments.
Improving performance when updating dependencies with `-update`. (#1175)
* `dep status` now concurrently fetches repo info. Improving status performance.
* gps: Add SourceURLsForPath() to SourceManager. (#1166)
* gps: Include output in error. (#1180)
* gps: Process canonical import paths. (#1017)
* gps: Persistent cache. (#1127, #1215)
# v0.3.1
* gps: Add satisfiability check for case variants (#1079)
* Validate Project Roots in manifest (#1116)
* gps: Properly separate sources for different versions & github
* gps: Add persistent BoltDB cache (#1098)
* gps: Increase default subcommand timeout to 30s (#1087)
* Fix importer [issue]( where the
importer would drop the imported version of a project (#1100)
* Import analyzer now always uses the same name, fixing the lock mismatch
immediately after dep init issue (#1099)
* Add support for importing from [govend](
(#1040) and [LK4D4/vndr]( (#978) based projects
* gps: gps no longer assumes that every git repo has a HEAD (#1053)
* `os.Chmod` failures on Windows due to long path length has been fixed (#925)
* Add `version` command (#996)
* Drop support for building with go1.7 (#714)
* gps: Parse abbreviated git revisions (#1027)
* gps: Parallelize writing dep tree (#1021)
* `status` now shows the progress in verbose mode (#1009, #1037)
* Fix empty `Constraint` and `Version` in `status` json output (#976)
* `status` table output now shows override constraints (#918)
* gps: Display warning message every 15 seconds when lockfile is busy (#958)
* gps: Hashing directory tree and tree verification (#959)
* `ensure` now has `-vendor-only` mode to populate vendor/ without updating