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# Avoid distributing redigomock because it is GPLv2
image: golang:1.8
.test_template: &test_definition
- apt-get update -qq && apt-get install -y unzip bzip2
- apt update -qq && apt install -y unzip bzip2
- go version
- make test
test using go 1.8:
<<: *test_definition
image: golang:1.5.4
test using go 1.9:
image: golang:1.9
<<: *test_definition
image: golang:1.6.3
<<: *test_definition
image: golang:1.7.1
- tags
- git describe --exact-match
......@@ -2,6 +2,164 @@
Formerly known as 'gitlab-git-http-server'.
- Add structured logging !236
- Add option to send file uploads straight to object storage !227
- Allow sending Git archives with file names other than 'archive' !232
- Unify uploads handling under filestore package !230
- Introduce a `send-url:` method that allows to serve remote HTTP/GET file, like S3-based file !228
- Use grpc-go 1.9.1 (!225)
- Update gitaly stream and dial library functions (!224)
- Add option to disable Git archive caching !222
- Track Gitaly Connections in Prometheus !211
- Run test suite on Go 1.9 !213
- Remove repo disk check !218
- Fix "net/http: request canceled" errors in gitlab-zip-cat !208
- Ban context.Background !201
- Respect the ShowAllRefs flag in git upload-pack and info-refs !203
- Upgrade grpc to v1.7.1, protobuf to latest !207
- Implement Gitaly call for archive requests !199
- Re-use client.Dial from gitaly !194
- Respect GL_USERNAME !192
- Update BurntSushi/toml !195
- Add Redis error counters !197
- Migrate Send{Diff,Patch} to Gitaly !200
- Add histograms to routes !184
- Gitaly deprecations and replacements !186, !187, !189
- Enable CI long polling by default !188
- Refactor Git archive creation !190
- Use GetBlob RPC instead of TreeEntry RPC for serving blobs !182
- Improve gitaly info refs error message !172
- Migrate GetBlob to Gitaly !174
- Drop support for Go <1.8 !176
- Add some tests for gzipped assets !177
- Use reader/writer from gitaly streamio !178
- Use http.Request contexts for Gitaly calls !179
- Allow to access remote archive !180
- Add support for token authentication on Gitaly requests
- Update gitaly-proto library to 0.9.0
- Bug fix and counters for static error pages
- Remove chatty ErrorPage log message
- Filter query-string secrets out of logged URLs
- Suggest better default for prometheus port
- Add internal upload to external storage
- Prometheus metrics for senddata and git archive cache
- Support GL_REPOSITORY from API and pass it to Gitaly on ReceivePack
- Fix gRPC stream resource leak !158, !160
- Don't append error messages to Git HTTP responses !157
- Drop support for old Gitaly fields in Git API response !152
- Support forwarding Git HTTP POST data to Gitaly !143
- Pass more Gitaly 'Repository' fields on from gitlab-rails !147
- Support insecure TCP connections to Gitaly !150
- Return 500 from GET /info/refs if possible !145
- Fix several Redis integration bugs !137, !140
- Fix race conditions in Redis tests !136
- Don't follow HTTP redirects on internal API !134
- Support /api/v4 for CI !133
- Don't spam logs with CI queueing messages (Marcin Biegała) !127
- Integrate with Gitaly via gRPC !119
- Buffer git receive-pack responses in tempfiles !123
- Use stdlib to copy stdin/stdout of git subprocesses !118
- Terminal session timeouts !107
- Redis integration EXPERIMENTAL !112
- CI notifications via Redis EXPERIMENTAL !128
- More CI queue metrics !122
- Fix stalled HTTP fetches with large payloads. !110
- Correctly parse content types in HTTP requests and responses !114
- Catch _all_ multipart NextPart() errors. !108
- Replace 'gitlab_workhorse_artifacts_upload_*' with labeled version of
'gitlab_workhorse_multipart_upload_*'. !106
- Allow GET /info/refs to be proxied to Gitaly. !105
- Set correct value of X-Forwarded-For header in PreAuthorize request. !104
- Allow nested namespaces in git URLs. !80
- More Prometheus metrics
- Hide 502 internal errors from text-mode clients
- Buffer internal API responses up to a 32kB hard limit
- Add terminal websocket proxy endpoint
- Rewrite all incoming multipart requests: write 'file' parts to tempfiles
- Restrict effect of API rate limiting to /ci/api/v1/builds/register.json
- Prometheus metrics listener via `-prometheusListenAddr` option
- Tell NGINX to not buffer Git HTTP responses etc. with X-Accel-Buffering
- Fix double content type bug on archive downloads
- Workhorse is now v1.0.0, according to Semantic Versioning. No breaking
changes were made.
- Add support for logging to file, and logfile rotation with SIGHUP.
- Improve error messages.
Simplify revspec for 'git format-patch'.
......@@ -151,7 +309,7 @@ Return response to client when uploading Git LFS object.
Add support for Build Artifacts and Git LFS. The GitLab-Workhorse
Add support for Build Artifacts and Git LFS. The GitLab-Workhorse
offloads file uploading and downloading by providing support for
rewriting multipart form data and X-Sendfile.
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"ImportPath": "",
"GoVersion": "go1.7",
"GodepVersion": "v74",
"Deps": [
"ImportPath": "",
"Comment": "2016.08.31",
"Rev": "ec89d50f00d39494f5b3ec5cf2fe75c53467a937"
"ImportPath": "",
"Comment": "v3.0.0",
"Rev": "d2709f9f1f31ebcda9651b03077758c1f3a0018c"
"ImportPath": "",
"Rev": "379f8d0a68ca237cf8893a1cdfd4f574125e2c51"
This directory tree is generated automatically by godep.
Please do not edit.
See for more information.
The MIT License (MIT)
Copyright (c) 2015 GitLab B.V.
Copyright (c) 2015-2017 GitLab B.V.
Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy
of this software and associated documentation files (the "Software"), to deal
......@@ -2,15 +2,16 @@ PREFIX=/usr/local
VERSION=$(shell git describe)-$(shell date -u +%Y%m%d.%H%M%S)
BUILD_DIR = $(shell pwd)
export GOPATH=${BUILD_DIR}/_build
export PATH:=${GOPATH}/bin:${PATH}
GOBUILD=go build -ldflags "-X main.Version=${VERSION}"
PKG_ALL = $(shell GOPATH=${GOPATH} go list ${PKG}/... | grep -v /vendor/)
all: clean-build gitlab-zip-cat gitlab-zip-metadata gitlab-workhorse
gitlab-zip-cat: ${BUILD_DIR}/_build $(shell find cmd/gitlab-zip-cat/ -name '*.go')
${GOBUILD} -o ${BUILD_DIR}/$@ ${PKG}/cmd/$@
gitlab-zip-metadata: ${BUILD_DIR}/_build $(shell find cmd/gitlab-zip-metadata/ -name '*.go')
${GOBUILD} -o ${BUILD_DIR}/$@ ${PKG}/cmd/$@
......@@ -27,18 +28,24 @@ ${BUILD_DIR}/_build:
touch $@
.PHONY: test
test: clean-build clean-workhorse all
go fmt ${PKG}/... | awk '{ print } END { if (NR > 0) { print "Please run go fmt"; exit 1 } }'
go test ${PKG}/...
test: clean-build clean-workhorse all govendor
go fmt ${PKG_ALL} | awk '{ print } END { if (NR > 0) { print "Please run go fmt"; exit 1 } }'
cd ${GOPATH}/src/${PKG} && govendor sync
go test ${PKG_ALL}
.PHONY: govendor
command -v govendor || go get
go test -cover -coverprofile=test.coverage
go tool cover -html=test.coverage -o coverage.html
rm -f test.coverage
go fmt ./...
go fmt ${PKG_ALL}
.PHONY: clean
clean: clean-workhorse clean-build
......@@ -48,6 +55,9 @@ clean: clean-workhorse clean-build
cd ${BUILD_DIR} && rm -f gitlab-workhorse gitlab-zip-cat gitlab-zip-metadata
sh _support/
.PHONY: clean-build
rm -rf ${BUILD_DIR}/_build
......@@ -4,6 +4,29 @@ Gitlab-workhorse is a smart reverse proxy for GitLab. It handles
"large" HTTP requests such as file downloads, file uploads, Git
push/pull and Git archive downloads.
## Quick facts (how does Workhorse work)
- Workhorse can handle some requests without involving Rails at all:
for example, Javascript files and CSS files are served straight
from disk.
- Workhorse can modify responses sent by Rails: for example if you use
`send_file` in Rails then gitlab-workhorse will open the file on
disk and send its contents as the response body to the client.
- Workhorse can take over requests after asking permission from Rails.
Example: handling `git clone`.
- Workhorse can modify requests before passing them to Rails. Example:
when handling a Git LFS upload Workhorse first asks permission from
Rails, then it stores the request body in a tempfile, then it sends
a modified request containing the tempfile path to Rails.
- Workhorse can manage long-lived WebSocket connections for Rails.
Example: handling the terminal websocket for environments.
- Workhorse does not connect to Postgres, only to Rails and (optionally) Redis.
- We assume that all requests that reach Workhorse pass through an
upstream proxy such as NGINX or Apache first.
- Workhorse does not accept HTTPS connections.
- Workhorse does not clean up idle client connections.
- We assume that all requests to Rails pass through Workhorse.
For more information see ['A brief history of
......@@ -13,6 +36,8 @@ gitlab-workhorse'][brief-history-blog].
gitlab-workhorse [OPTIONS]
-apiCiLongPollingDuration duration
Long polling duration for job requesting for runners (default 0s - disabled)
-apiLimit uint
Number of API requests allowed at single time
-apiQueueDuration duration
......@@ -39,6 +64,8 @@ Options:
How long to wait for response headers when proxying the request (default 5m0s)
-secretPath string
File with secret key to authenticate with authBackend (default "./.gitlab_workhorse_secret")
-config string
File that hold configuration. Currently only for redis. File is in TOML-format (default "")
Print version and exit
......@@ -51,6 +78,59 @@ Gitlab-workhorse can listen on either a TCP or a Unix domain socket. It