Commit b08cbce5 authored by Jakob Unterwurzacher's avatar Jakob Unterwurzacher

fusefronted: comment why Access() does not check context.Uid
parent ec4c9f2a
......@@ -617,6 +617,16 @@ func (fs *FS) Link(oldPath string, newPath string, context *fuse.Context) (code
// Access - FUSE call. Check if a file can be accessed in the specified mode(s)
// (read, write, execute).
// From :
// > Check file access permissions
// >
// > If the 'default_permissions' mount option is given, this method is not
// > called.
// We always enable default_permissions when -allow_other is passed, so there
// is no need for this function to check the uid in fuse.Context.
// Symlink-safe through use of faccessat.
func (fs *FS) Access(relPath string, mode uint32, context *fuse.Context) (code fuse.Status) {
if fs.isFiltered(relPath) {
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