Commit b1d945b0 authored by Felix Lechner's avatar Felix Lechner

Add Debian patch to fix gocryptfs manpage.

Fixes one typo and 'cannot adjust line' warnings from man by using a
pandoc indented code block.
parent ae11d3ae
Description: Fix gocryptfs manpage
Fix spelling and 'cannot adjust line' warning from man.
Author: Felix Lechner <>
Forwarded: yes
This patch header follows DEP-3:
--- a/Documentation/
+++ b/Documentation/
@@ -205,9 +205,10 @@ settings have to be passed on the comman
mount a filesystem that was created using reverse mode, or
`-plaintextnames` for a filesystem that was created with that option.
+ -masterkey=6f717d8b-6b5f8e8a-fd0aa206-778ec093-62c5669b-abd229cd-241e00cd-b4d6713d
+ -masterkey=stdin
#### -memprofile string
Write memory profile to the specified file. This is useful when debugging
@@ -310,7 +311,7 @@ directory. Implies "-aessiv".
#### -rw, -ro
Mount the filesystem read-write (`-rw`, default) or read-only (`-ro`).
-If both are specified, `-ro` takes precence.
+If both are specified, `-ro` takes precedence.
#### -scryptn int
scrypt cost parameter expressed as scryptn=log2(N). Possible values are
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