Commit db4accf3 authored by Jakob Unterwurzacher's avatar Jakob Unterwurzacher

fsck: don't print corse corruption offset

The exact ciphertext block number (4KiB granularity) is
already printed in the doRead message. Don't cause
confusion by printing the 128KiB-granularity offset as

  doRead 767: corrupt block #4: stupidgcm: message authentication failed
  fsck: error reading file "pa/d7/d14/f10c" (inum 767): 5=input/output error
parent 5acfbc1b
......@@ -128,7 +128,7 @@ func (ck *fsckObj) file(path string) {
result, status := f.Read(buf, off)
if !status.Ok() {
fmt.Printf("fsck: error reading file %q (inum %d) at offset %d: %v\n", path, inum(f), off, status)
fmt.Printf("fsck: error reading file %q (inum %d): %v\n", path, inum(f), status)
// EOF
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