Commit dbd400d9 authored by Jakob Unterwurzacher's avatar Jakob Unterwurzacher

fusefrontend: truncateGrowFile: pass zeroPad error to caller

Errors from zeroPad were ignored until now, as discovered
using xfstests generic/083.
parent 0e1cbb75
......@@ -198,7 +198,10 @@ func (f *File) truncateGrowFile(oldPlainSz uint64, newPlainSz uint64) fuse.Statu
// Make sure the old last block is padded to the block boundary. This call
// is a no-op if it is already block-aligned.
status := f.zeroPad(oldPlainSz)
if !status.Ok() {
return status
// The new size is block-aligned. In this case we can do everything ourselves
// and avoid the call to doWrite.
if newPlainSz%f.contentEnc.PlainBS() == 0 {
......@@ -220,6 +223,6 @@ func (f *File) truncateGrowFile(oldPlainSz uint64, newPlainSz uint64) fuse.Statu
// The new size is NOT aligned, so we need to write a partial block.
// Write a single zero to the last byte and let doWrite figure it out.
buf := make([]byte, 1)
_, status := f.doWrite(buf, int64(newEOFOffset))
_, status = f.doWrite(buf, int64(newEOFOffset))
return status
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