Commit f2a0c656 authored by Jakob Unterwurzacher's avatar Jakob Unterwurzacher

README: list trezor support in changelog

parent 7e111ea9
......@@ -153,14 +153,17 @@ Changelog
vNEXT, in progress
* Fall back to buffered IO even when passed `O_DIRECT`
* **Add `-e` / `-exclude` option** for reverse mode
* **Add support for the Trezor One HSM** [PR#247](, thanks @xaionaro!
* Use `./build.bash -tags enable_trezor` to compile with Trezor support
* Then, use `gocryptfs -init -trezor` to create a filesystem locked with a physical Trezor device.
* Only print master key once, on init
* Add `-e` / `-exclude` option for reverse mode
* Fall back to buffered IO even when passed `O_DIRECT`
v1.5, 2018-06-12
* **Support extended attributes (xattr)** in forward mode
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