Verified Commit 0b42791b authored by Anthony Fok's avatar Anthony Fok

Add workaround to make checker_test.go work with "go test -v"

parent bf766e19
Description: Workaround to make checker_test.go work with "go test -v"
TestCheckers/All_slice_mismatch_with_DeepEqual gives different result
depending on whether "go test" is in verbose mode or not.
This patch is a quick temporary workaround to allow Debian build to work,
although "go test" without "-v" would now fail.
Author: Anthony Fok <>
Origin: vendor
Last-Update: 2019-08-05
This patch header follows DEP-3:
diff --git a/checker_test.go b/checker_test.go
index 279190b..df0114d 100644
--- a/checker_test.go
+++ b/checker_test.go
@@ -2033,6 +2033,8 @@ error:
mismatch at index 1
values are not deep equal
+first mismatched element:
+ []string{"a", "c"}
diff (-got +want):
` + diff([]string{"a", "c"}, []string{"a", "b"}) + `
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