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The Prometheus project was started by Matt T. Proud (emeritus) and
Julius Volz in 2012.
Maintainers of this repository:
* Björn Rabenstein <>
The following individuals have contributed code to this repository
(listed in alphabetical order):
* Björn Rabenstein <>
* Matt T. Proud <>
* Tobias Schmidt <>
# Contributing
Prometheus uses GitHub to manage reviews of pull requests.
* If you have a trivial fix or improvement, go ahead and create a pull
request, addressing (with `@...`) one or more of the maintainers
(see []( in the description of the pull request.
* If you plan to do something more involved, first discuss your ideas
on our [mailing list](!forum/prometheus-developers).
This will avoid unnecessary work and surely give you and us a good deal
of inspiration.
* Relevant coding style guidelines for the Go parts are the [Go Code Review
and the _Formatting and style_ section of Peter Bourgon's [Go: Best
Practices for Production
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Data model artifacts for Prometheus.
Copyright 2012-2015 The Prometheus Authors
This product includes software developed at
SoundCloud Ltd. (
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