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    go.crypto/sha3: change keccakF to stateless function · 48d6c5b7
    Eric Roshan-Eisner authored
    Taken from my implementation: https://bitbucket.org/ede/sha3
    Performance gain from using less memory and more registers.
    benchmark                       old ns/op    new ns/op    delta
    BenchmarkPermutationFunction         1484         1118  -24.66%
    BenchmarkBulkKeccak512             374993       295178  -21.28%
    BenchmarkBulkKeccak256             215496       172335  -20.03%
    benchmark                        old MB/s     new MB/s  speedup
    BenchmarkPermutationFunction       134.76       178.80    1.33x
    BenchmarkBulkKeccak512              43.69        55.51    1.27x
    BenchmarkBulkKeccak256              76.03        95.07    1.25x
    R=jcb, agl
    CC=golang-dev, nigeltao
    Committer: Adam Langley <agl@golang.org>
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