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    • Easwar Swaminathan's avatar
      test: end2end test improvements separate server and client configs. (#2877) · 70e8b380
      Easwar Swaminathan authored
      - Seperated and documented the options for client and server sides.
      - Better support for multiple grpc.Servers. This will be used in other
        improvements that I have in the works.
      - Moved some common functionality from channelz_test.go to
      - Added an option to use the default health service implementation, instead
       of each test creating a new health.Server and passing it in. The
       inidividual tests have not been changed in this PR. I will do that in a
       follow up PR to keep the changes to a reasonable size.
      - Fixed one of the tests which had to be fixed because of the separation
        of client and server configs.
    • Menghan Li's avatar
      [xds_ignore_weight_0_localities] xds: ignore localities with weight 0 (#2875) · e8b58ff6
      Menghan Li authored
      Locality weighted load balancer can be enabled by setting an option in
      CDS, and the weight of each locality. Currently, without the guarantee
      that CDS is always sent, we assume locality weighted load balance is
      always enabled, and ignore all weight 0 localities.
      In the future, we should look at the config in CDS response and decide
      whether locality weight matters.
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    • Menghan Li's avatar
      test: fix GoAwayThenClose by wait for cc state change (#2855) · fc15416d
      Menghan Li authored
      In the end of the test, 10 RPCs are made to make sure data is sent to
      the second server. The first RPC of these 10 is made right after the
      second server's listener receives a connection. But at this time, the
      connectivity state on the client side is not set to READY yet (though
      ac's state should be either connecting or ready, the race between ac
      and balancer could cause cc to still be in transient failure). So the
      first RPC fails due to transient failure, but the following 9 will
    • Menghan Li's avatar
      test: extend RPC timeout for TestHTTPHeaderFrameErrorHandlingHTTPMode (#2861) · c7831546
      Menghan Li authored
      This test sometimes fails with error creating stream due to
      DeadlineExceeded. It's very hard to reproduce (failed twice in 100000
      runs). Extend the RPC timeout in case it's too short.
  13. 12 Jun, 2019 2 commits
    • Easwar Swaminathan's avatar
      Fix a typo in the comment. (#2866) · 684ef046
      Easwar Swaminathan authored
      I was trying to run this test and I had copied the name of the function
      from the comment, and it took a good while to figure out why
      `go test -run` was returning `testing: warning: no tests to run`.
    • Menghan Li's avatar
      test: fix Test/GracefulStop by not removing activeStreams too aggresivelly (#2857) · cd89eaf4
      Menghan Li authored
      Before this fix, stream is removed from activeStreams in finishStream,
      which happens when the service handler returns status, without waiting
      for the status to be sent by loopyWriter. If GracefulStop() is called in
      between, it will close the connection (because activeStreams is empty),
      which causes the RPC to fail with "transport is closing". This change
      moves the activeStreams cleanup into loopyWriter, after sending status
      on wire.
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