Commit 71bdf972 authored by Carlos Martín Nieto's avatar Carlos Martín Nieto Committed by GitHub

Merge pull request #366 from LinuxBozo/repository-open-flags

Add new repository open flags
parents 490e8a87 7738ebe3
......@@ -72,6 +72,8 @@ const (
RepositoryOpenNoSearch RepositoryOpenFlag = C.GIT_REPOSITORY_OPEN_NO_SEARCH
RepositoryOpenCrossFs RepositoryOpenFlag = C.GIT_REPOSITORY_OPEN_CROSS_FS
RepositoryOpenBare RepositoryOpenFlag = C.GIT_REPOSITORY_OPEN_BARE
RepositoryOpenFromEnv RepositoryOpenFlag = C.GIT_REPOSITORY_OPEN_FROM_ENV
RepositoryOpenNoDotGit RepositoryOpenFlag = C.GIT_REPOSITORY_OPEN_NO_DOTGIT
func OpenRepositoryExtended(path string, flags RepositoryOpenFlag, ceiling string) (*Repository, error) {
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