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    Add Hugo Modules · 9f5a9207
    Bjørn Erik Pedersen authored
    This commit implements Hugo Modules.
    This is a broad subject, but some keywords include:
    * A new `module` configuration section where you can import almost anything. You can configure both your own file mounts nd the file mounts of the modules you import. This is the new recommended way of configuring what you earlier put in `configDir`, `staticDir` etc. And it also allows you to mount folders in non-Hugo-projects, e.g. the `SCSS` folder in the Bootstrap GitHub project.
    * A module consists of a set of mounts to the standard 7 component types in Hugo: `static`, `content`, `layouts`, `data`, `assets`, `i18n`, and `archetypes`. Yes, Theme Components can now include content, which should be very useful, especially in bigger multilingual projects.
    * Modules not in your local file cache will be downloaded automatically and even "hot replaced" while the server is running.
    * Hugo Modules supports and encourages semver versioned modules, and uses the minimal version selection algorithm to resolve versions.
    * A new set of CLI commands are provided to manage all of this: `hugo mod init`,  `hugo mod get`,  `hugo mod graph`,  `hugo mod tidy`, and  `hugo mod vendor`.
    All of the above is backed by Go Modules.
    Fixes #5973
    Fixes #5996
    Fixes #6010
    Fixes #5911
    Fixes #5940
    Fixes #6074
    Fixes #6082
    Fixes #6092