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bird_exporter - A protocol state exporter for the BIRD routing daemon to use
with Prometheus
**bird_exporter** [**OPTIONS**]
**bird_exporter** is a metric exporter for the BIRD routing daemon to use with
Prometheus. Since **bird_exporter** uses the BIRD Unix socket(s), BIRD needs to
be installed on the same machine as bird_exporter. The user executing
bird_exporter must have read/write permission to access the BIRD Unix sockets.
Get protocols from bird (not compatible with **-bird.v2**)
Get protocols from bird6 (not compatible with **-bird.v2**)
**-bird.socket** */path/to/socket*
Socket to communicate with bird routing daemon
**-bird.socket6** */path/to/socket*
Socket to communicate with bird6 routing daemon (not compatible with
BIRD major version >= 2.0 (multi channel protocols)
New metric format (more convenient / generic)
Enables metrics for protocol BGP
Enables metrics for protocol Direct
Enables metrics for protocol Kernel
Enables metrics for protocol OSPF
Enables metrics for protocol Static
Print version information
**-web.listen-address** *[address]:port*
Address on which to expose metrics and web interface
**-web.telemetry-path** *path*
Path under which to expose metrics (default "/metrics")
Version 2.0 of BIRD supports both IPv4 and IPv6 in a single daemon. Since
version 1.1 of **bird_exporter**, it can be used with BIRD 2.0+ using the
**-bird.v2** option. When using this option, **bird_exporter** queries the same
socket for both IPv4 and IPv6. In this mode the IP protocol is determined by
the channel information, and options **-bird.ipv4**, **-bird.ipv6** and
**-bird.socket6** are ignored.
To get meaningful uptime information, BIRD needs to be configured to use
ISO-format timestamps:
timeformat protocol iso long;
In version 1.0, a new metric format was introduced. To avoid backwards
incompatibility, the new format is optional and can be enabled by using the
**** option. The new format handles protocols more generically and
allows for a better query structure. It also adheres more to the Prometheus
metric naming best practices. In both formats protocol specific metrics are
prefixed with the protocol name (e.g. OSPF running metric).
bgp4_session_prefix_count_import{name="bgp1"} 600000
bgp6_session_prefix_count_import{name="bgp1"} 50000
ospfv3_running{name="ospf1"} 1
bird_protocol_prefix_import_count{name="bgp1",proto="BGP",ip_version="4"} 600000
bird_protocol_prefix_import_count{name="bgp1",proto="BGP",ip_version="6"} 50000
bird_ospfv3_running{name="ospf1"} 1
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