Commit 9342e322 authored by Félix Sipma's avatar Félix Sipma

watch file: use /releases instead of /tags (fails otherwise)

parent caa56551
opts="repacksuffix=+ds,dversionmangle=s/\+(repack|dfsg|ds|deb)\d*$//,filenamemangle=s/.+\/v?(\d\S*)\.tar\.gz/restic-$1\.tar\.gz/,pgpsigurlmangle=s#^(*)\.tar\.gz#$1/releases/download/v$2/restic-$2.tar.gz.asc#" \ .*/v?([\d\.]+)\.tar\.gz .*/v?([\d\.]+)\.tar\.gz
# Release tags are signed with
# CF8F 18F2 8445 7597 3F79 D4E1 91A6 868B D3F7 A907
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