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update debian/gitlab-ci.yml (using

Gbp-Dch: Ignore
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# auto-generated, DO NOT MODIFY.
# The authoritative copy of this file lives at:
# TODO: publish under debian-go-team/ci
image: stapelberg/ci2
- before-applying-commit.json
- after-applying-commit.json
# Create an overlay to discard writes to /srv/gopath/src after the build:
- "rm -rf /cache/overlay/{upper,work}"
- "mkdir -p /cache/overlay/{upper,work}"
- "mount -t overlay overlay -o lowerdir=/srv/gopath/src,upperdir=/cache/overlay/upper,workdir=/cache/overlay/work /srv/gopath/src"
- "export GOPATH=/srv/gopath"
- "export GOCACHE=/cache/go"
# Build the world as-is:
- "ci-build -exemptions=/var/lib/ci-build/exemptions.json > before-applying-commit.json"
# Copy this package into the overlay:
- "GBP_CONF_FILES=:debian/gbp.conf gbp buildpackage --git-no-pristine-tar --git-ignore-branch --git-ignore-new --git-export-dir=/tmp/export --git-no-overlay --git-tarball-dir=/nonexistant --git-cleaner=/bin/true --git-builder='dpkg-buildpackage -S -d --no-sign'"
- "pgt-gopath -dsc /tmp/export/*.dsc"
# Rebuild the world:
- "ci-build -exemptions=/var/lib/ci-build/exemptions.json > after-applying-commit.json"
- "ci-diff before-applying-commit.json after-applying-commit.json"
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