Commit 6ee5cc98 authored by Steve McIntyre's avatar Steve McIntyre Committed by Colin Watson

Deal with --force-extra-removable with signed shim too

In this case, we need both the signed shim as /EFI/BOOT/BOOTXXX.EFI
and signed Grub as /EFI/BOOT/grubXXX.efi.

Also install the BOOTXXX.CSV into /EFI/debian, and FBXXX.EFI into
/EFI/BOOT/ so that it can work when needed (*iff* we're updating the

[cjwatson: Refactored also_install_removable somewhat for brevity and so
that we're using consistent case-insensitive logic.]

Last-Update: 2019-06-14

Patch-Name: grub-install-removable-shim.patch
parent 95692218
......@@ -880,17 +880,13 @@ check_component_exists(const char *dir,
static void
also_install_removable(const char *src,
const char *base_efidir,
const char *efi_suffix_upper)
const char *efi_file,
int is_needed)
char *efi_file = NULL;
char *dst = NULL;
char *cur = NULL;
char *found = NULL;
if (!efi_suffix_upper)
grub_util_error ("%s", _("efi_suffix_upper not set"));
efi_file = xasprintf ("BOOT%s.EFI", efi_suffix_upper);
/* We need to install in $base_efidir/EFI/BOOT/$efi_file, but we
* need to cope with case-insensitive stuff here. Build the path one
* component at a time, checking for existing matches each time. */
......@@ -924,10 +920,9 @@ also_install_removable(const char *src,
cur = xstrdup (dst);
free (dst);
free (found);
grub_install_copy_file (src, cur, 1);
grub_install_copy_file (src, cur, is_needed);
free (cur);
free (efi_file);
......@@ -2046,11 +2041,14 @@ main (int argc, char *argv[])
char *dst = grub_util_path_concat (2, efidir, efi_file);
char *removable_file = xasprintf ("BOOT%s.EFI", efi_suffix_upper);
if (uefi_secure_boot)
char *shim_signed = NULL;
char *mok_signed = NULL, *mok_file = NULL;
char *fb_signed = NULL, *fb_file = NULL;
char *csv_file = NULL;
char *config_dst;
FILE *config_dst_f;
......@@ -2059,11 +2057,15 @@ main (int argc, char *argv[])
mok_file = xasprintf ("mm%s.efi", efi_suffix);
fb_signed = xasprintf ("fb%s.efi.signed", efi_suffix);
fb_file = xasprintf ("fb%s.efi", efi_suffix);
csv_file = xasprintf ("BOOT%s.CSV", efi_suffix_upper);
/* If we have a signed shim binary, install that and all
its helpers in the normal vendor path */
if (grub_util_is_regular (shim_signed))
char *chained_base, *chained_dst;
char *mok_src, *mok_dst, *fb_src, *fb_dst;
char *mok_src, *mok_dst, *fb_src, *fb_dst, *csv_src, *csv_dst;
if (!removable)
free (efi_file);
......@@ -2075,8 +2077,6 @@ main (int argc, char *argv[])
chained_base = xasprintf ("grub%s.efi", efi_suffix);
chained_dst = grub_util_path_concat (2, efidir, chained_base);
grub_install_copy_file (efi_signed, chained_dst, 1);
free (chained_dst);
free (chained_base);
/* Not critical, so not an error if they are not present (as it
won't be for older releases); but if we have them, make
......@@ -2087,8 +2087,6 @@ main (int argc, char *argv[])
grub_install_copy_file (mok_src,
mok_dst, 0);
free (mok_src);
free (mok_dst);
fb_src = grub_util_path_concat (2, "/usr/lib/shim/",
......@@ -2096,27 +2094,79 @@ main (int argc, char *argv[])
grub_install_copy_file (fb_src,
fb_dst, 0);
csv_src = grub_util_path_concat (2, "/usr/lib/shim/",
csv_dst = grub_util_path_concat (2, efidir,
grub_install_copy_file (csv_src,
csv_dst, 0);
/* Install binaries into .../EFI/BOOT too:
the shim binary
the grub binary
the shim fallback binary (not fatal on failure) */
if (force_extra_removable)
grub_util_info ("Secure boot: installing shim and image into rm path");
also_install_removable (shim_signed, base_efidir, removable_file, 1);
also_install_removable (efi_signed, base_efidir, chained_base, 1);
/* If we're updating the NVRAM, add fallback too - it
will re-update the NVRAM later if things break */
if (update_nvram)
also_install_removable (fb_src, base_efidir, fb_file, 0);
free (chained_dst);
free (chained_base);
free (mok_src);
free (mok_dst);
free (fb_src);
free (fb_dst);
free (csv_src);
free (csv_dst);
grub_install_copy_file (efi_signed, dst, 1);
/* Tried to install for secure boot, but no signed
shim found. Fall back to just installing the signed
grub binary */
grub_util_info ("Secure boot (no shim): installing signed grub binary");
grub_install_copy_file (efi_signed, dst, 1);
if (force_extra_removable)
grub_util_info ("Secure boot (no shim): installing signed grub binary into rm path");
also_install_removable (efi_signed, base_efidir, removable_file, 1);
/* In either case, install our grub.cfg */
config_dst = grub_util_path_concat (2, efidir, "grub.cfg");
grub_install_copy_file (load_cfg, config_dst, 1);
config_dst_f = grub_util_fopen (config_dst, "ab");
fprintf (config_dst_f, "configfile $prefix/grub.cfg\n");
fclose (config_dst_f);
free (config_dst);
if (force_extra_removable)
also_install_removable(efi_signed, base_efidir, efi_suffix_upper);
free (csv_file);
free (fb_file);
free (fb_signed);
free (mok_file);
free (mok_signed);
free (shim_signed);
/* No secure boot - just install our newly-generated image */
grub_util_info ("No Secure Boot: installing core image");
grub_install_copy_file (imgfile, dst, 1);
if (force_extra_removable)
also_install_removable(imgfile, base_efidir, efi_suffix_upper);
also_install_removable (imgfile, base_efidir, removable_file, 1);
free (removable_file);
free (dst);
if (!removable && update_nvram)
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