Commit d6140769 authored by Sven Bartscher's avatar Sven Bartscher

Patch haskell-token-bucket to build on arm and mips

parent 943f6412
Description: Resolve timing issue in the test
Creating the TokenBucket far away from the actual tests means that
the TokenBucket can accumulate a partial token before the start time
for the first test is taken. After the first requested token
exhausts the burst size it doesn't take the full time that would
usually be required before the second token can be allocated. Most
of the time this doesn't seem to be a problem, but on some
architectures (armhf, mipsel) it seems to cause semi-consistent test
failurses. Strictly speaking the same problem still exists with this
patch, as the TokenBucket is still created before the start time of
the test is taken, but with the current layout this inaccuracy
usually balances out with the time added at the end, because the end
time of the test is taken slightly after the last token is
This also fixes that the test was overly lenient for all but the
first test. All test are run with n+1 iterations to account for the
initial burst token contained in the freshly created bucket, but
only the first test gets to actually allocate that token. All others
have to wait for a new token to be generated.
This patch has not been forwarded to upstream yet, because at the
time of writing it, I did not have access to my GitHub account. One
I have I will (hopefully) forward it in a timely manner.
Forwarded: no
Author: Sven Bartscher <>
--- a/test-tb.hs
+++ b/test-tb.hs
@@ -31,23 +31,22 @@
main = runInUnboundThread $ do
putStrLn "testing tocket-bucket..."
- !tb <- newTokenBucket
replicateM_ 3 $ do
- check tb 10 10.0
- check tb 20 20.0
- check tb 50 50.0
- check tb 100 100.0
- check tb 200 200.0
- check tb 500 500.0
- check tb 1000 1000.0
+ check 10 10.0
+ check 20 20.0
+ check 50 50.0
+ check 100 100.0
+ check 200 200.0
+ check 500 500.0
+ check 1000 1000.0
putStrLn "============================================="
- check :: TokenBucket -> Int -> Double -> IO ()
- check tb n rate = do
+ check :: Int -> Double -> IO ()
+ check n rate = do
-- threadDelay 100000
putStrLn $ "running "++show n++"+1 iterations with "++show rate++" Hz rate-limit..."
+ !tb <- newTokenBucket
dt <- timeIO_ (replicateM_ (n+1) $ (tokenBucketWait tb 1 (toInvRate rate)))
let rate' = fromIntegral n/dt
unless (rate' <= rate) $ do
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