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This is a checklist of steps involved in updating d-i to use a new version
of the kernel.

 1. Compare available modules in new kernel and add any that are useful for
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    installation to an appropriate udeb.
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 2. New kernel package enters the archive.
 3. Update build/config/ KERNELVERSION to use new kernel (only commit once
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    udebs are accepted).
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 4. Make sure images still build, as sometimes new kernels will overflow
    space limits. If not, the kernel-wedge udeb configuration in the kernel
    package needs to be revised.
 5. Do initial test installs, which must be done against unstable to
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    use the new kernel udebs from unstable or using hand-build CD
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 6. New kernel package enters testing.
 7. Test to make sure lowmem installs still work. New kernels and
    added/changed modules sometimes break lowmem. Documentation on the
    minimum memory requirements may need to be updated
 8. Get new debian-cd uploaded and into testing.
 9. Full user testing, etc.
10. Update kernel version in manual/build/arch-options for the
    relevant kernel.
11. Inform maintainer of Release Notes of the changes in kernel version
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    (or update ddp/manuals.sgml/release-notes/release-notes.ent in CVS).