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      flash-kernel: Add support for Toshiba AC100 · 6a8c7e4d
      Julian Andres Klode authored
      Add support for updating the kernel and initramfs in the Toshiba
      AC100 boot partition located on the internal eMMC. This works by
      introducing two new Boot-Type and Boot-Device-Minimal-Size fields.
      The Boot-Type field determines what type of boot loader is used
      on the machine. The intent of this is that we later get rid of
      the duplicated machine lists in main(). The only value currently
      understood is 'Android'.
      The Boot-Device-Minimal-Size field specifies a minimal size the
      boot partition must have. This is needed because the AC100 has
      too such partitions, boot and recovery, and we want to use the
      boot partition (the larger one).
      Initially based on the initial code from Oliver Grawert
      <ogra@ubuntu.com>, but completely rewritten to be vastly
      more simple and match the changes in flash-kernel since
      the original code.
      Signed-off-by: Julian Andres Klode's avatarJulian Andres Klode <jak@debian.org>
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