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iso-codes 4.0
[ General ]
* The data is now included in JSON files.
* The XML files are deprecated and should not be used for new
projects. However, they are kept in sync with the JSON data
for now.
* The gettext domains have been renamed to better match the
actual ISO number:
- ISO 639-2: Renamed from iso_639 to iso_639-2
- ISO 639-3: Renamed from iso_639_3 to iso_639-3
- ISO 639-5: Renamed from iso_639_5 to iso_639-5
- ISO 3166-1: Renamed from iso_3166 to iso_3166-1
- ISO 3166-2: Renamed from iso_3166_2 to iso_3166-2
All previously used gettext domains are linked to the new
domain names, so that this transition should be smooth for
programs using those domain names.
* A new ISO standard has been included, ISO 3166-3. The gettext
domain is called iso_3166-3. Basically, this is a split of the
old domain iso_3166 into iso_3166-1 and iso_3166-3, because
the old domain iso_3166 contained both standards. However, the
standard ISO 3166-3 was more or less inaccessible.
* The standard ISO 4217 (currency names) now includes only the
currently used currencies. Entries of withdrawn currencies are
no longer included.
* The standard ISO 639-5 now includes only the language families
which are part of the official standard. The previously
included languages were not part of the standard and have been
removed. This reduced the number of language families from
about 1900 to about 110.
iso-codes 3.66
Dr. Tobias Quathamer <>
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