Commit c400f2b1 authored by Tobias Quathamer's avatar Tobias Quathamer

Change description in changelog

parent 60fed2e4
iso-codes 4.0
iso-codes 3.44
[ ISO 639-2 ]
* Update by SIL as of 2013-05-31.
The download file provided by SIL does no longer provide the
information about the "status" of a language. Therefore, we
needed to take out this information from our XML file.
As the removal of that attribute from our DTD is an incompatible
change, we set the major version number to 4 to indicate this
information about the "status" of a language. Therefore, the
values of this attribute in the XML file are obsolete and will
be removed in a future release of iso-codes.
[ ISO 3166-2 ]
* Fix country code for SH, SS regions. Closes: #712794
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