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      * iso_3166/zh_CN.po: Updated thanks to Carlos Z.F. Liu.
      * iso_3166/bg.po: Updated thanks to  Ognyan Kulev.
      * iso3166/sq.po: New translation thanks to Elian Myftiu.
      * iso_639/fr.po: Updated thanks to Christian Perrier.
      * iso_4217/fr.po: Updated thanks to Christian Perrier.
      * iso_639.tab: "nl" means Dutch, not Dravidian.
      * iso_639.tab: Herero is "hz", not "he".
      * iso_639.tab: Nynorsk is "nn", not "no".
      * iso_3166: New entries for the Åland Islands.
      * iso_3166_3.tab: Corrections to FX, YU Entries.
      * iso_3166_2.*: Updated to ISO-3166-2 newsletter 5.
      * Makefiles: tidyup. Don't put line numbers in the .po files, just
        comments; move iso_3166_*.tab files into the appropriate
      * iso_3166/ko.po: Update thanks to  Changwoo Ryu.
      * iso_3166_tab: Corrected comments on Switzerland cantons.
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