Commit 3e19e16d authored by Ian Jackson's avatar Ian Jackson

cargo problems: add a workaround

Signed-off-by: Ian Jackson's avatarIan Jackson <>
parent 0d045a01
......@@ -38,3 +38,26 @@ docs-to-www:
git clean -xdff
$(CARGO) doc
rsync -aH --delete target/doc/. $(www)/.
# I have a ~/.cargo/config which avoids willy-nilly use of,
# because I don't like my computer to automatically download and
# execute code from th internet.
# Unfortunately there is no sane way to override this for a particular
# run of cargo, right now. Related issues:
# So I use this insane way to override this. AFAICT there is no way
# that an ordinary user on a shared machine can use this workaround
# unless the sysadmin is willing to grant them a second file area
# outside their home directory. Yuk.
mkdir -p $(otherdir)
rm -rf $(otherdir)
mkdir $(otherdir)
git clone . $(otherdir)
cd $(otherdir) && HOME=`cd .. && pwd` $(CARGO) publish
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