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NEWS about project LILO
(For details see file 'CHANGELOG' in the source directory)

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Version 24.1  (minor and bugfix update of 24.0)

 o Install .dat files of images, too.
 o Install lilo.static, if existing.
 o Add CFLAGS, CPPFLAGS, LDFLAGS everywhere needed.
 o Better support for degraded mdadm RAID1.
 o Large upgrade of script liloconfig with bugfixes and
     update function, with fallback to kernel links.
 o Update example config file.
 o Update manpage of liloconfig and lilo-uuid-diskid.
 o Add major device numbers for MMC cards and XVD disks.

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Version 24.0  (major and bugfix update of 23.2)

 o Update many manpages and add some from Debian.
 o Add old documentation as (static) html.
 o Better support for GPT hard disks.
 o Support for use with kernel 3.x.
 o Fix to be compatible with gcc 4.8 and higher.

Version 23.2  (minor and bugfix update of 23.1)
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 o Many fixes in source code and fixes for some error messages.
 o Remove all obsolete OS/2 code and information.
 o Fix for larger kernel setup code (needed for kernel >= 2.6.36)
 o Update of script 'mkrescue'.
 o Update of manpages (mkrescue.8, lilo.conf.5).
 o Add new scripts 'liloconfig' and 'lilo-uuid-diskid'.

Version 23.1  (minor and bugfix update of 23.0)
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 o Many fixes of typos in sources and documentation.
 o LVM volumes can now be used as root device.
 o Better computing of (uncompressed) vmlinux size.
 o Better working on degraded RAID devices.
 o Update to newer MD RAID 1.0 specification.
 o Substituted QuickInst script (mkbdist, mksdist removed).
 o Added new hook scripts for newer kernel support.
 o Updated and added new menu background images.
 o Added new TOOLS file for overview of needed tools / packages.
 o Added new example of lilo.conf with many comments.

Version 23.0  (major and bugfix update of 22.8)

 o Major code reorganisation and code cleaning.
 o Add new option 'small-memory' and modify option 'large-memory'.
 o Configuration without memory option set to auto-memory, which
   mean a automatic decision: small initrd will be load <15M, 
   large initrd will be load >16M.
 o Now need an absolute path for the installation path DESTDIR,
   in the past named as ROOT.
 o Many bugfixes and sensible updates (most from Debian).
 o Remove obsolete program 'activate'. Instead use 'lilo -A'.

Version 22.8  (minor update of 22.7.3)

 o Compile with DEVMAPPER (device-mapper or LVM2) if library is present.
 o Add 'nodevcache' configuration file keyword.
 o Allow root device specification with UUID in addition to LABEL.

Version 22.7.3  (bugfix update of 22.7.2)

 o Correct table entry for experimental major device 253.
 o Correct PC/AT keyboard check when NOKEYBOARD compile option is used.

Version 22.7.2  (minor update of 22.7.1)

 o Keywords "noraid", "nokbdefault", "nokbdisable" are added.
 o Compensate for common BIOS bug (sectors==0) on USB disk drives.  
 o Increase kernel command line to 512 bytes.

Version 22.7.1  (minor update of 22.7)

 o Expand device major/minor numbers to more than 8 bits.
 o Apply security updates to 'mkrescue' & 'QuickInst'.
 o Allow any keystrike (not just Shift) to display 'boot:' menu, or to 
   escape from stored command line.

Version 22.7  (minor update of 22.6.1)

 o Add the DOS/Windows utility '' which implements the -q -R -V 
   (-C -m) switches. This utility may be used to set the boot command 
   line if the sector map file is on a DOS/Windows partition.
 o Add bulletproofing for "unattended" so that a spurious <CR> character 
   can be ignored.
 o Select boot descriptors based upon partially typed names in all 
   situations except "unattended".