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Imported Debian patch 1.6.1+dfsg-1

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......@@ -4,10 +4,12 @@ project includes an mov file which is not redistributable and therefore does
not comply with the DFSG. The dojox.av project is therefore removed from the
dojo tarball until these issues are resolved upstream.
The tarball also does not include source code for the uploader.swf file
included in the dojox.form project. This file is also removed to comply with
the DFSG.
The tarball also does not include source code for the fileuploader.swf and
uploader.swf files included in the dojox.form project. This file is also
removed to comply with the DFSG.
The project uses a swf file (storage_dialog.swf) that cannot be
compiled using free build tools. The project is therefore removed
from the dojo tarball.
-- Jason Morawski <>, Tue, 17 May 2011 14:52:04 -0400
dojo (1.6.1+dfsg-1) unstable; urgency=low
* New upstream version
* Removed Thumbs.db from dojox.gantt project
* Removed fileuploader.swf to comply with the DFSG
* Updated README.source and to reflect DFSG changes
-- Jason Morawski <> Tue, 17 May 2011 15:10:25 -0400
dojo (1.5.0+dfsg-1) experimental; urgency=low
* New upstream version (Closes: #597148)
......@@ -18,7 +18,9 @@ dir=`tar tfz ${filename} | head -1 | sed 's,/.*,,g'`
rm -f ${filename}
rm -rf ${dir}/dojox/av
rm -f ${dir}/dojox/form/resources/fileuploader.swf
rm -f ${dir}/dojox/form/resources/uploader.swf
rm -f ${dir}/dojox/gantt/resources/images/Thumbs.db
rm -rf ${dir}/dojox/storage
rm -rf ${dir}/debian
mv ${dir} ${dir}+dfsg
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define("dijit/CheckedMenuItem", ["dojo", "dijit", "text!dijit/templates/CheckedMenuItem.html", "dijit/MenuItem"], function(dojo, dijit) {
......@@ -19,7 +17,7 @@ dojo.declare("dijit.CheckedMenuItem",
// Sets the class and state for the check box.
dojo.toggleClass(this.domNode, "dijitCheckedMenuItemChecked", checked);
dijit.setWaiState(this.domNode, "checked", checked);
this.checked = checked;
this._set("checked", checked);
onChange: function(/*Boolean*/ checked){
......@@ -41,3 +39,7 @@ dojo.declare("dijit.CheckedMenuItem",
return dijit.CheckedMenuItem;
dojo.requireLocalization("dojo", "colors");
define("dijit/ColorPalette", ["dojo", "dijit", "text!dijit/templates/ColorPalette.html", "dijit/_Widget", "dijit/_Templated", "dojo/colors", "dojo/i18n", "dojo/string", "dijit/_PaletteMixin", "i18n!dojo/nls/colors"], function(dojo, dijit) {
[dijit._Widget, dijit._Templated, dijit._PaletteMixin],
......@@ -26,7 +17,7 @@ dojo.declare("dijit.ColorPalette",
// | picker.startup();
// palette: String
// palette: [const] String
// Size of grid, either "7x10" or "3x4".
palette: "7x10",
......@@ -48,46 +39,61 @@ dojo.declare("dijit.ColorPalette",
["gray", "red", "purple", "black"]]
// _imagePaths: [protected] Map
// This is stores the path to the palette images
_imagePaths: {
"7x10": dojo.moduleUrl("dijit.themes", "a11y/colors7x10.png"),
"3x4": dojo.moduleUrl("dijit.themes", "a11y/colors3x4.png"),
"7x10-rtl": dojo.moduleUrl("dijit.themes", "a11y/colors7x10-rtl.png"),
"3x4-rtl": dojo.moduleUrl("dijit.themes", "a11y/colors3x4-rtl.png")
// templateString: String
// The template of this widget.
templateString: dojo.cache("dijit", "templates/ColorPalette.html"),
baseClass: "dijitColorPalette",
dyeClass: 'dijit._Color',
buildRendering: function(){
// Instantiate the template, which makes a skeleton into which we'll insert a bunch of
// <img> nodes
this.imageNode.setAttribute("src", this._imagePaths[this.palette + (this.isLeftToRight() ? "" : "-rtl")].toString());
var i18nColorNames = dojo.i18n.getLocalization("dojo", "colors", this.lang);
// Creates <img> nodes in each cell of the template.
// Pass in "customized" dijit._Color constructor for specified palette and high-contrast vs. normal mode
dojo.i18n.getLocalization("dojo", "colors", this.lang),
dojo.declare(dijit._Color, {
hc: dojo.hasClass(dojo.body(), "dijit_a11y"),
palette: this.palette
dojo.declare("dijit._Color", dojo.Color,
dojo.declare("dijit._Color", dojo.Color, {
// summary:
// Object associated with each cell in a ColorPalette palette.
// Implements dijit.Dye.
constructor: function(/*String*/alias){
// Template for each cell in normal (non-high-contrast mode). Each cell contains a wrapper
// node for showing the border (called dijitPaletteImg for back-compat), and dijitColorPaletteSwatch
// for showing the color.
"<span class='dijitInline dijitPaletteImg'>" +
"<img src='${blankGif}' alt='${alt}' class='dijitColorPaletteSwatch' style='background-color: ${color}'/>" +
// Template for each cell in high contrast mode. Each cell contains an image with the whole palette,
// but scrolled and clipped to show the correct color only
"<span class='dijitInline dijitPaletteImg' style='position: relative; overflow: hidden; height: 12px; width: 14px;'>" +
"<img src='${image}' alt='${alt}' style='position: absolute; left: ${left}px; top: ${top}px; ${size}'/>" +
// _imagePaths: [protected] Map
// This is stores the path to the palette images used for high-contrast mode display
_imagePaths: {
"7x10": dojo.moduleUrl("dijit.themes", "a11y/colors7x10.png"),
"3x4": dojo.moduleUrl("dijit.themes", "a11y/colors3x4.png")
constructor: function(/*String*/alias, /*Number*/ row, /*Number*/ col){
this._alias = alias;
this._row = row;
this._col = col;
......@@ -99,11 +105,23 @@ dojo.declare("dijit._Color", dojo.Color,
fillCell: function(/*DOMNode*/ cell, /*String*/ blankGif){
dojo.create("img", {
src: blankGif,
"class": "dijitPaletteImg",
alt: this._alias
}, cell);
var html = dojo.string.substitute(this.hc ? this.hcTemplate : this.template, {
// substitution variables for normal mode
color: this.toHex(),
blankGif: blankGif,
alt: this._alias,
// variables used for high contrast mode
image: this._imagePaths[this.palette].toString(),
left: this._col * -20 - 5,
top: this._row * -20 - 5,
size: this.palette == "7x10" ? "height: 145px; width: 206px" : "height: 64px; width: 86px"
});, cell);
return dijit.ColorPalette;
define("dijit/Declaration", ["dojo", "dijit", "dijit/_Widget", "dijit/_Templated"], function(dojo, dijit) {
......@@ -14,35 +12,44 @@ dojo.declare(
// Flag to parser to leave alone the script tags contained inside of me
_noScript: true,
// widgetClass: String
// stopParser: [private] Boolean
// Flag to parser to not try and parse widgets declared inside of me
stopParser: true,
// widgetClass: [const] String
// Name of class being declared, ex: "acme.myWidget"
widgetClass: "",
// propList: Object
// propList: [const] Object
// Set of attributes for this widget along with default values, ex:
// {delay: 100, title: "hello world"}
defaults: null,
// mixins: String[]
// mixins: [const] String[]
// List containing the prototype for this widget, and also any mixins,
// ex: ["dijit._Widget", "dijit._Container"]
mixins: [],
buildRendering: function(){
var src = this.srcNodeRef.parentNode.removeChild(this.srcNodeRef),
methods = dojo.query("> script[type^='dojo/method'][event]", src).orphan(),
postscriptConnects = dojo.query("> script[type^='dojo/method']", src).orphan(),
regularConnects = dojo.query("> script[type^='dojo/connect']", src).orphan(),
methods = dojo.query("> script[type^='dojo/method']", src).orphan(),
connects = dojo.query("> script[type^='dojo/connect']", src).orphan(),
srcType = src.nodeName;
var propList = this.defaults || {};
// For all methods defined like <script type="dojo/method" event="foo">,
// add that method to prototype
// For all methods defined like <script type="dojo/method" data-dojo-event="foo">,
// add that method to prototype.
// If there's no "event" specified then it's code to run on instantiation,
// so it becomes a connection to "postscript" (handled below).
dojo.forEach(methods, function(s){
var evt = s.getAttribute("event"),
var evt = s.getAttribute("event") || s.getAttribute("data-dojo-event"),
func = dojo.parser._functionFromScript(s);
propList[evt] = func;
// map array of strings like [ "dijit.form.Button" ] to array of mixin objects
......@@ -69,18 +76,21 @@ dojo.declare(
// Handle <script> blocks of form:
// <script type="dojo/connect" event="foo">
// <script type="dojo/connect" data-dojo-event="foo">
// and
// <script type="dojo/method">
// (Note that the second one is just shorthand for a dojo/connect to postscript)
// Since this is a connect in the declaration, we are actually connection to the method
// in the _prototype_.
var connects = regularConnects.concat(postscriptConnects);
dojo.forEach(connects, function(s){