Commit ad067b0d authored by Xavier Guimard's avatar Xavier Guimard

Update debian/copyright

parent bd5d2ad9
Upstream-Name: address
Files: *
Copyright: 2017 fengmk2 <>
Copyright: 2017, fengmk2 <>
License: Expat
Files: debian/*
Copyright: 2017 Pirate Praveen <>
Copyright: 2017, Pirate Praveen <>
2019, Xavier Guimard <>
License: Expat
Files: debian/tests/test_modules/any-promise/*
Copyright: 2014-2016, Kevin Beaty
License: Expat
Files: debian/tests/test_modules/is-class-hotfix/*
Copyright: 2014, Miguel Mota
License: Expat
Files: debian/tests/test_modules/is-type-of/*
Copyright: 2014, dead_horse
License: Expat
Files: debian/tests/test_modules/ko-sleep/*
Copyright: 2015, alsotang
License: Expat
Files: debian/tests/test_modules/mm/* debian/tests/test_modules/pedding/*
Copyright: 2012-2014, fengmk2 <>
License: Expat
Files: debian/tests/test_modules/muk-prop/*
Copyright: 2012, fent
License: Expat
Files: debian/tests/test_modules/thenify/*
Copyright: 2014-2016, Jonathan Ong <>
License: Expat
License: Expat
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