Commit 7ca231af authored by Ian Henry's avatar Ian Henry

convert input buffers to strings before passing them to esprima

This fixes

Previously, if you passed a UTF-8 encoded buffer to browser-unpack, it would
generate invalid "source" values for any files that included or came after a
multi-bute UTF-8 sequence.
parent 9695cb08
var parse = require('esprima-fb').parse;
module.exports = function (src) {
// If src is a Buffer, esprima will just stringify it, so we beat them to
// the punch. This avoids the problem where we're using esprima's range
// indexes -- which are meant for a UTF-16 string -- in a buffer that
// contains UTF-8 encoded text.
if (typeof src !== 'string') {
src = String(src);
var ast = parse(src, { range: true });
ast.body = ast.body.filter(function(node) {
......@@ -57,7 +65,7 @@ module.exports = function (src) {
}, {});
var row = {
id: file.key.value,
source: src.slice(start, end).toString('utf8'),
source: src.slice(start, end),
deps: deps
if (entries.indexOf( >= 0) row.entry = true;
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