Commit ddf5d9d4 authored by Xavier Guimard's avatar Xavier Guimard

Update debian/copyright

parent 45758747
......@@ -15,15 +15,17 @@ Files: bson/lib/bson/float_parser.js
Copyright: 2008 Fair Oaks Labs, Inc.
License: BSD-3-Clause
Files: bson/dist/bson.js
Files: bson/browser_build/bson.js
Copyright: 2009 Google Inc.
2016 CoderPuppy
2014 Facebook, Inc.
2008 Fair Oaks Labs, Inc.
Joyent, Inc.
License: Apache-2.0 or BSD-3-Clause or Expat
Comment: script build with webpack that injects lib/bson/* Javascripts and
regenerator ( licensed under Expat
Files: bson/lib/bson/long.js
Files: bson/lib/bson/long.js bson/lib/bson/timestamp.js
Copyright: 2009 Google Inc.
License: Apache-2.0
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