Commit 5977ddc9 authored by Bastien ROUCARIÈS's avatar Bastien ROUCARIÈS

Add testsuite

parent 13a64406
Tests: require
Depends: node-nan, nodejs (>= 6.11.2~dfsg-1)
Tests: runtestsuite
Depends: node-nan,
node-tap (>= 0.7.1),
node-gyp (>= 3.0.1),
node-bindings (>=1.2.1)
set -e
nodejs -e "require('nan');"
set -e
tmpdir=$(mktemp -d)
trap 'rm -rf "$tmpdir"' EXIT INT TERM HUP
cp -r test "$tmpdir"
cd "$tmpdir"
sed -i "s/require('..')/require('nan')/g" test/binding.gyp
V=1 node-gyp rebuild --directory test
tap -R spec --gc test/js/*-test.js
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