Commit b0c5a512 authored by Mike Gabriel's avatar Mike Gabriel

add /debian/README.Debian to explain about the weird way of installing nan.h

parent bb84afa3
== nan.h ==
A header file filled with macro and utility goodness for making addon
development for Node.js easier across versions 0.8, 0.10 and 0.11, and
eventually 0.12.
On Debian system this header file (for now) gets installed into
so the header file nan.h gets indeed installed into the system's default
include path.
Upstream's suggests to install the nan.h file into the
nan Node.js module folder (/usr/lib/nodejs/nan/ on Debian systems) and
hack the include path into binding.gyp files like this:
"include_dirs" : [
"<!(node -p -e \"require('path').dirname(require.resolve('nan'))\")"
On Debian systems this should not be necessary (as opposed to other
deployment methods like npm). However, as various other Node.js modules
might try to find nan.h in that require.resolve('nan') folder, we provide
a symlink there for now, pointing to /usr/include/nan.h.
This may undergo some change in the future, but for now this seems like a
solution that (a) goes well with the Debian policy and (b) will not break
other Node.js modules that depend on nan.h.
Mike Gabriel <>, 20130903
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